Oh man nothing better than being
comfortable on camera and lucky for you today we’re gonna be discussing the
fantasy lab 8247 big and tall chair to see if it’s the perfect chair for your
long gaming sessions that’s gonna make you comfortable from the beginning to
the end let’s check it out hey hey hey welcome back
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that bell so you know my videos go live for you so I was fortunate enough to
have a killabee representative reach out to me and asked if I would review give
honest feedback and tell them what I truly thought about their 8247 Big &
Tall gaming chair that is a mouthful but I was more than willing up to the task
to test out the chair that they sent me so full disclosure yeah this is a
sponsored video because they sent me the chair for a review process and give them
the feedback to see if it would be perfect for you out there and your needs
so let’s talk about the specs is it good is it bad and is it worth it for someone
like you 8247 is a big and tall ergonomic racing-style gaming chair it’s
specifically designed for big tall and yes larger people out there to support
their needs to be comfortable other gaming streaming or doing content
creation the 8247 has 4D armrests which allows it to go up and down allows
the pads to shift to in to out and also allows the pads to rotate to an in
position and an out position so this way you can find what’s ever gonna be most
comfortable for you and your needs has breathable premium leather material and
let me tell you this material is very strong and sturdy to the touch and also
cleans up easily how do I know because I’ve already spilled on it and cleanup
was a breeze I’m such a sloppy gamer it comes with the rock function and locking
so that way you can be comfortable in multiple sessions when you need to rest
or be at an upright position for whatever your streaming needs are
lumbars seat cushion with gel cold foam so it helps prevent with the overheating
this for those prolonged gaming sessions for when you sit in the same spot you’re
gonna feel comfortable cuz the material is a lot more breathable compared to
counterparts out there comes with a tilt locking mechanism that goes from 90
degrees all the way to 155 degrees that allows you to find a comfortable
position if you need to take a break and rest on the back position or you know
maybe just want on watch a movie and just kick it has probably one of the
most sturdiest heavy metal bases that i’ve ever seen with strong
rolling casters that are also quiet from when it moves on its surface
the 8247 isn’t exceptionally large size 29 inches by 22 inches by forty eight
point four inches to fifty point eight inches since it’s a big and tall gaming
chair it’s actually recommended for people that are between the height of
five eight two six four so what’s good about this chair well right off the bat
that you’re gonna notice is the great construction of the breathable leather
it’s strong it actually feels like it’s more dense and it can take a lot more
ruggedness from you sitting on it or moving around in it and it feels like
it’s not gonna break down now obviously I can’t give you a full report on that
because I’ve only had the chair for less than a month but compared to my other
chairs that I have just touching it you can feel how much more densities and how
much more stronger it is compared to other chairs that I’ve owned or
currently own also because of this breathable material if you’re gonna sit
in it for hours and hours on end you know your legs and butt aren’t gonna
get a sweaty your backs not gonna get all damp with your shirt on it because
it has that breathable material and it also has that cold material which is
gonna help you in really really long gaming sessions and it’s even more
important if you’re working or playing games within a warm environment in
tandem with the good construction I really enjoy and admire the fact that on
the signs of where you sit and on the sides of the actual backrest of the
chair have these wings that come in to give you an extra conformed feel and
also give you kind of side support for when you shift your body or shift your
legs it actually makes it a little concave therefore you see find nice rest
in sitting position at all times and when you shift your body you feel like
you have support even if you adjust yourself slightly which I appreciate
because it actually has support on the sides whereas other chairs just put
extra padding on the side which breaks down over time and you don’t get really
that conformed feel now I’ve been testing the heck out of this chair and
I’d have to say probably my favorite thing out of the share compared to every
other chair that I’ve sat in is it’s really comfortable in all positions and
I’m talking in the upright 90 all the way back to its hundred and fifty-five
degrees where you can watch movies or play games if you really just want to do
something really casual or you know just you know kind of veg out watch YouTube
it’s really nice being comfortable in all these different positions and you
know let it hold your center of gravity really well even when you shift and toss
and turn you don’t feel like you’re gonna fall which I kind of get that
feeling in a lot of other chairs so this one really nails it all right so what’s
the negatives about this chair well just how we were talking about the very good
and strong construction of the chair with the breathable leather you know
what when I unpack this chair this chair smelled and it smelled pretty bad it
smells like you know an industrial park because you know obviously it’s coming
from Where-house that’s been sitting in a box for probably weeks weeks and weeks
and weeks and most chairs that I’ve assembled this smell will dissipate
within you know 24 to 72 hours however this chair smelled for about two to
three weeks yeah it kind of went away after a certain time but I was surprised
at how long it smelled for and that was after hitting it with odor eaters and
you know like for frebreeze and certain sanitizers and stuff like that for some
reason this smell wouldn’t go away to where I actually had to leave it in my
garage to air out and finally it did so if you do get a chair like this you need
to know right upfront it’s gonna smell for a little bit even if you use certain
odor eaters but to be fair pretty much anything that I’ve ever gotten from a
factory the requires leather or any breathable material of cloth does smell
it first so don’t hold this too much against it I just won’t let you know
that it will smell it first but it will go away with the 4d armrest I find it
really cool that you can find multiple different positions of moving up down
and out or even counter clockwise or clockwise on the arm
but the problem with that is the fact that it gives you so many options they
actually are a little bit shaky which isn’t really that big of a detriment
unless you need a record sound or your streamer in its gonna pick up those
extra shakes just like this and that kind of bothers me a little bit now
depending on what position you have the armrests in it actually nullifies a
little bit of the sounds that lock stronger in some positions than it does
the other but if you’re the person that’s really adamant about sounds or
get distracted easily like me it kind of bothers me a little bit likewise on the
fact that the arm arm rests moves so much yeah it’s cool
but I’ve noticed in certain positions generally the closer in and lower
they actually make snapping sounds when I have to put my weight on it hopefully
you can hear this just like that you hear it and that’s just me getting out
of the chair can you imagine if you had to adjust yourself multiple times during
a stream which I do because I like to move around because I’m energetic that
bothers the hell out of me now if that bothers you like it bothers me there’s a
quick fix just move it up into any position up higher from the bottom one
and when you get up look not one single sound but if you like your armrests at
the bottom like this prepare to get a lot of sounds I don’t know why it does
it but it does one part about the fantasy lab eighty-two forty-seven that
I didn’t mention is actually comes with these extra cushion pads which are super
dope you can use them as backrest pads or seating pads or even a head pillow
and they’re actually really really comfortable
however they have a big flop a lot of other chairs when you want to use them
as like a backrest or you want to use them as a head pillow half straps to
keep them securely there for the reason that when you shift and move around oh
well there you go it falls right off the chair which is not doing its purpose and
it really sucks not having those straps or sleeves there so that way it can be
secured in position you guys have to be conscious of what you’re doing and
that’s the last thing I want to do when I’m streaming or gaming I feel like this
could be be easily remedied remedied if they put straps on the pillow so I could
slide it over the header or even around the back of the chair so that way it’s
always there it’s a small thing but it’s kind of also a big
thing for me and my comfortability if I also had some nitpick the 8247 it kind
of bothers me that there’s only one color now I actually really like the
black and gray with the yellow embroidery stitching I actually think it
looks really cool but if you are the type of person out there that likes to
color coat or customize your own gaming room streaming room whatever you’re
trying to do you’re only limited to the neutral color that this is which
probably won’t bother a lot of people out there but I think it’d be cool if
they had additional colors blues greens reds yellows Pink’s whites I feel like
that would be something to easily introduce and it kind of stinks that I
am only left with one but again that’s a minor nitpick over all the 8247 has a
unique issue to it that’s easily correctable but I want to make you all
aware of it it seems like every time I did a long gaming or streaming session
like you know of something more than four or five hours the chair would start
this week as I move from side to side or front to back or shifted my body weight
it was a minor squeak but if you’re recording audio for you know YouTube’s
consecration or you’re doing streaming that’s something to be annoying to the
viewing or listening audience out there and I don’t know why it always happens
on prolonged streaming sessions maybe something within the compressor of metal
rubbing on metal but it’s easily fixable you get yourself some silicon spray
which which is what I did the thing won’t squeak anymore and as you can see
like I’m really moving around and nothing’s squeaking in it anymore but it
kind of weird how every time during one of those streaming sessions right around
the 3 4 or 5 hour mark the thing would start to squeak and it was kind of weird
but now you know how to fix it all right so what’s my personal opinion after all
the specs what’s good about it and what’s bad about it and me nitpicking
you know I’ve sat in a lot of gaming chairs over the past number of years and
I’m gonna be honest with you I like this chair I think it’s very comfortable for
what it needs to be for me and my body now I’m only 185 pounds of Tonka tough
steel and I am a tall man I am 6’2″ and it feels comfortable for me for where I
rest and where my body sits within it now I can’t say if it’s gonna comfier for somebody that’s shorter or somebody that’s skinnier than me but I
do agree that it would be comfortable for anybody that’s wider or large
because there’s still a lot of comfortable space and the fact that it’s
got those conformed sides is gonna be a plus for you cuz you’re gonna feel more
secure and you’re gonna feel a lot more comfortable within this chair and even
with all the nitpicking things like the squeaking of the sounds the armrests the
colors all the small things they’re just small things overall and most of them
are fixable because I showed you how to fix them now you’re probably wondering
do I think the fantasy lab 8247 gaming big-and-tall chair is worth it
well it retails for right around 300 USD sometimes it’s a little bit more
sometimes it’s a little bit less let’s just say 300 USD for easy math do I
think 300 bucks is worth it for a gaming chair 50% yes and 50% now a $300 for a
gaming chair is a lot of money and I can see other trade down versions doing
almost just as good as this where you could put other funds into something
that’s gonna really make your gaming content better or streams better however
coming from somebody who’s big and tall and has back pain from playing sports his whole life there is no amount of money that I wouldn’t be willing to pay for
comfortability and if you plan on doing really long gaming sessions if you
really want to be comfortable if you really need to have your body conformed
to a chair so it feels like there’s less pressure on it and also you need
something that’s gonna be breathable for your long streaming content creations or
YouTube editing our YouTube content creation yeah it is worth it it’s worth
paying up for the comfortability but I’m being a hundred percent honest with you
it’s a tall order it’s a big price so please take into consideration what is
worth it for you now if the price point scares you a little bit I did you a
little bit of a favor I reached out to killabee and see if they would offer
everybody that watches this video a coupon code which they were happy to
oblige by so if you enter at checkout on their own website Wild2020 you will
save 7 percent on your entire order I’ll put that down in the description below
but if you need to order something on Amazon I will also put links in
description below if you live in a different part of the world or anything
like that or maybe just feel a little more comfortable ordering on Amazon I
want to make sure all of you spend your money wisely if you’re a content creator
or a streamer out your money is valuable and I wanna make
sure you spend it in the correct ways so if this chair seems too much for you I
got you covered I’m gonna put a video here to the side that shows you another
killabee chair that’s at a lower price point that is also a really good chair
that I recommend you check out the pluses and minuses mat to see if it’ll
be perfect for you and until next time my name is Wild4Games always coming
in clutch for you and I will see you beautiful people later take care and a
course PEACE!

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