Bedtime Yoga | Gentle Yoga To Wind Down | 11 Minutes

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel if you have been following along with my channel you know
that this week we’ve been doing yoga to wind down or to have a good sleep or for
bedtime whatever you want to call it but yet again tonight we are gonna deal with
winding down yoga practice so I encourage you to turn the lights off
find a blanket a pillow get comfy wear some socks maybe whatever is gonna keep
you nice and warm and cozy so if you don’t already subscribe to my channel
please do find a little bit of space to move and let’s get started so we are gonna start laying down if
you’ve got a pillow and your blanket start to grab them I like to have my
pillow or my cushion the long way so it’s underneath my head and my shoulders
you’re gonna have your hips on the ground I also like to bring the soles my
feet together and my knees out wide sweep the baddha konasana nice and comfy
so you might be getting a little love in the hips if you’re making that diamond
shape with your legs but enjoy it grab your blankets if you’ve got a
blanket and lay on back you also can lay flat on your back if you don’t have any
cushions to work with today hmm so getting a little settled into the
pose closing your eyes just taking a few nice deep breath starting to let go of
your day whatever it looked like whatever you experienced and set all
those thoughts the side and focus all your attention on your breath right now when relaxing your body just starting to
wind down sometimes it’s easy to put all our
thoughts to the side and sometimes it’s not so no judgment just notice if those
thoughts keep coming back to you and and then just find your breath again just
keep repeating that cycle so we’re gonna stay here for just one
more moment one more full breath inhale and exhale we are gonna be just coming
up to seated so if you are able to keep your legs in that diamond shape you can
but however you need to come on up so I’m still making that diamond shape with
my legs we’re in butterfly if you want to well keep your blanket covering your
legs or wherever you want your blanket you can also bring your pillow in front
we are gonna fold forward if it feels good so just bring your hands to your
knees take an inhale sit tall and then as you exhale fold forward if you’d like
to you getting a little comfy maybe hugging your pillow maybe you can rest
your head on it and if you notice that your head doesn’t
want to come all the way down or you can’t reach your pillow instead of
holding yourself up maybe you can bring your elbows to your pillow bring your
palms together and I just love doing this holding my head up with my thumb so
just bring your thumbs in between the eyebrows to your third eye and that nice
pressure you feel it’s kind of soothing it’s kind of relaxing Oh some job you guys so if you would
like to stay here in butterfly you can if you want to find some length through
the legs we’re just gonna move into a forward fold so you can lift your pillow
up bringing your knees together out nice and straight maybe you’ve got a big bend
in your knees maybe your legs are straight you can have the cushion again
in front of you to lay on or you can set up that nice mudra by bringing the
thumbs towards your third-eye your palms together and adding a little forward
fold to this I’m just finding what feels right for you in this moment you might
be folding all the way down laying your chest on your knees you might be up
quite a bit I just try to reduce any effort that you’re putting into the pose slow down the breath so wherever you’re at let’s just take
one more moment here nice and slow you can start to lift yourself back up
you’re gonna take the pillow and move it to the side we are going to lay on down
so just nice and slowly lower yourself onto your back reaching your arms out to
the sides we’re gonna let our knees come over to the left side a nice twist if
you want to get into your neck a little bit you can turn your chin to the right
shoulder if you can deepen your breath here just see if you can actually feel
your stomach moving up and down as you breathe we’ll use the next inhale to bring the
knees back even the chin lift the chin up towards the ceiling and then you can
let the knees come all the way over to the other side maybe the chin is coming to that left
shoulder this time I’m just checking in with your breath
here can you breathe a little deeper and feel that movement through the stomach I’ll have to become ready stand please
and inhale to lift the knees back up and bring the back of your head to the mat
you can keep the feet planted and do a little rock from side to side with the
legs you can pull them all the way into the chest and as you become ready to
make your way into shavasana start to let the legs go slide them up nice and
long on your mat spreading the feet out wide resting your arms at your sides and
then turning the palms to face up really settling into the mat here letting
gravity just pull you down nice letting those thoughts stay off to
the side for a few more moments and continue to focus on the breath if
you’re able to stay here for a little while please do what have a really
awesome night’s sleep well and until next time namaste

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