Bedrug XLT truck bed mats install
quickly with no tools required. They’re custom designed to fit your specific
year, make and model. The bedrug XLT works on trucks that have an existing spray in
liner or no liner. The kit comes with the bed mat and integrated tailgate mat –
with adhesive promoter and hook and loop fasteners. Remove the bedrug XLT from the box and place it facedown on a clean dry surface. Leave the mat in a warm area to
help it flatten. Apply the dual-lock tape to the floor and tailgate section on the
bedrug XLT – making sure to leave the backing on the adhesive. Before placing
the bedrug XLT in the truck bed, be sure to remove all debris and clean the
surface with soap and water for optimal adhesion. Be sure the truck bed is above
68 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the bedrug XLT in the bed of the truck. With the mat
position for best fit, roll one side back and use alcohol to clean all areas where
tape will be adhered. If you have a spray in liner, apply the adhesive promoter and
allow to dry. Remove the backing from the dual-lock tape, making sure to leave the
hook and loop attached to the bed mat. Press the mat firmly into place repeat
the process on the remaining side. Be sure to clean the tailgate wear adhesive
will be applied with soap and water. Then, Use another rag to clean with alcohol.
Use adhesive promoter on any plastic surfaces that will have adhesive
attached. Do not apply to painted metal. Allow promoter to dry. Remove the backing from the hook tape. Lay the tailgate portion of the mat into place, aligning
the top and bottom edges. Press firmly into place. The Bedrug XLT installation
is now complete. It provides impact and slip resistant
protection for your truck bed. It can be cleaned with a power washer, hose or a vacuum. It fills in the ribs and contours of the truck bed to provide a smooth
void-free loading surface that is easy on your knees. If you’d like more info or
if you have any questions please visit bedrug.com.

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