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welcome to toffee yoga [Music] and welcome to your yoga class to keep strong and fight the coronavirus now I’m not just talking about coronavirus but all viruses and today’s class is just about keeping healthy and well we’re surrounded by viruses and bugs all day long and our body is set to deal with that but today’s class is just about giving you an extra boost and an extra little he’ll help to stay in good health and have good immunity to bring power to your body with these five easy steps so if you like what you see please like and subscribe to Tabitha yoga okay so your first step the obvious ones me and what I absolutely love doing is being outside getting some vitamin D giving your arms out there we collect loads of vitamin D through our forearms so strip off to a degree cause it’s still March but strip off and get the arms expose the face expose and no big glasses and keep yourself exposed to the sunlight and get your vitamin D and that will help you keep healthy and positive next is eat really well I mean it sounds really obvious but no microwave food and good clean food eat well prepare food from beginning to end and get fresh and clean food whenever you can my favorite thing out of nearly all of these is good sleep so you might want to prepare a little ritual around your bedtime a bath maybe some essential oils in your mouth keeping the lights down low and really important no blue lights no iPads no phones and your games before bed good clean sleep especially the hours before 12 o’clock will keep you fit and well and your immune system nice and strong that’s really important number four is keep moving obvious get the body moving get some energy pumping those veins there everything working really well and keep mobile finally the one obviously I love the most is to keep calm and practice yoga so nothing helps your immunity like reducing your stress levels reducing inflammation as well and Yoga is brilliant for that so it’s really important to practice yoga Keep Calm keep perspective and move and enjoy moving your body now the end of this is your savasana don’t skip your asana stay right to the end and enjoy the relaxation because that’s going to keep you healthy in your body and your mind – okay so let’s practice some yoga right get yourself comfortable it’s a nice easy session it’s not about hanging out some asana it’s about restoring your body and keeping healthy and happy and lean and light so relax your shoulders fill your lungs with a nice deep breath in and a nice long slow breath out and again a nice deep breath in and a long slow breath and your shoulders soften maybe giving a little wriggle in your shoulders rolling them in it’ll give me a little bit of movement and then maybe keeping that movement down into your hips so you can just feel your hips feel them sinking down to the mat and maybe getting a little circling happening in your hips so you’re rocking just grabbing your hips down to the mat and feel it circle the other way as well and there getting my lower back moving as well trying to make a little bit of energy letting my body know it’s time to move a nice deep breath to heighten your sense of calm softening your body nice deep breaths and then start to settle the body again coming back to a little bit of stillness and stopping you a little well wind of your body and settle and just watch your back for a moment and as you watch your breath you’ll find that your mind will get really busy with thoughts or plans or activities and just send those thoughts on their way bring yourself back to watching your breath letting your breath be your anchor to your relaxation and even though is sitting we’re still noticing our posture so tummy’s in shoulders reached up to your ears and relax your shoulders down your back lovely keeping those shoulders soft and take a look over your shoulder just checking out what’s behind you come back to the center look over your shoulder checking out what’s behind you and come back and drop your chin and then come all the way up and cut to the ceiling bring your chin to the ceiling lovely looking ahead take your fingertips beside you and take it right there get it into a tional fingers and push away good bring your hands forward and push away drop your chin to your chest lovely bring yourself up relax your fingers by the side of you and take a deep breath in again take your breath out and twist when the weather gets better you can practice these nice simple yoga asanas outside and then you can get two of your steps to a healthy immunity a warm hit and twist the other way right into your shoulders loosen up any tension we’re going to do another twist again twist turns into the floor find your height a little fold and stretch reaching you up to the ceiling take a look over your shoulder good inhale come up twist the other way Lovely’s there’s nothing like stretching the back and shoulders good remember the crown of the head reaching up to the ceiling good reaching all the way up and then relaxing rolling your shoulders take your arms out we’ve seen in the lift your chest and here to cross at your elbows with one on the bottom when I’m on the top and then bring your palms together so what we’re doing here is releasing tension in your shoulders so opening the through the back of the body so you can get the lungs really working get the breath deep if this is too uncomfortable you bring your forearms together but otherwise inhale fill your lungs with a big breath exhale elbows into your ribs breathing in lift dropping down breathing in deeply lift bring your elbows in line with your shoulders and take a little twist get your shoulders working overtime to the center and twist to the center and release arms out palms up lift your heart cross again other way feels little more awkward this way but go with it breathing in lift good get the breath working hard deep breathing really strengthening the lungs breathing in breathing out and again breath in and then elbow shoulder height and take a twist to the center take a twist to the center and release and you’ll want to just release those shoulders one final shoulder stretch take your arm all the way up so this is a Kara face arms you’re going to bring your arm all the way down between your shoulder blades and see if you can come all the way around the back so your fingertips meet so if you look where I am my fingertips are kind of there I could probably work in together deeper but doesn’t matter if you’re here doesn’t matter where you are it’s about opening the chest and challenging your breath and getting some movement in your shoulders and releasing tension that you might have there I went right to the ceiling this is really hard on your shoulders but it’s really rewarding long-term it’s great for your posture it stops you stupid it’s no way you could still posture in this good really so you want a little shoulder release there and then we do the same on the other side so reach up bring your hand down between your shoulder blades ease it down first scooping all the way around the back and taking holding your fingers elbow back lift your chest hold it breathe deeply and again nice big breath back good release off that’s so nice roll again good shrug and shrug okay extend your legs out in front of you but you’re going to have your knees bent I’d like you to sit up straight and rest your tummy on your thighs and relax your arms down by your side so it’s a little bit of restorative practice here you’re being supported by your legs and your body spine is nice and long out of the hips so think about the spine as a kind of a separate unit it’s nice and long and it’s folding and resting over the legs hold it here again challenge your breath through the back of the body so getting your lungs working hard breathing deeply and then you’re going to just bring your feet forward a little micro inch coming forward slightly more and resting your body over your thighs your to keep contact you trying to keep the thighs in contact with your tummy and then you’re coming down another little bit more trying to keep the contact breathing through the back of the body nice L press is you come down a little bit more again can you keep that contact and unless you’re super flexible you’ll probably lose the contact on the full stretch but that’s fine doesn’t matter where you are as long as you’re enjoying the nice stretch draw your thighs up towards your hips and fold and you if you love restorative practice and that’s what you need if it’s a gentle really gentle yoga practice grab your cushion under your tummy and fill up over the cushion if it’s not showing you need to do if you’re caring for somebody who’s not feeling great and you need to look after yourself this is what you want to do you just want to flop over a cushion do your chin in and lengthen good and then slowly everything is initiating from your core you’re going to roll yourself up slowly to sitting up nice and tall and draw your knee in squeeze it into your body and hug it in with your opposite arm squeeze that into your squeezed thigh into your tummy really close this straight leg that’s in the game too so keep the toe active hand to the floor behind find your height crown of the head that magic dog thread reaching you up to the ceiling and take a twist nice detoxing effect on your body breathing deeply challenging your digestion and your respiratory system good uncurling and drop that knee out good the foot comes to the inner thigh again you’re going to reach up find some height and fold forward doesn’t a direct the backs around it just find your stretch enjoy the fold keep that toe to the ceiling and rest breathing in take a little breath breathing out fold and again breathing in take a little breath breathing out fold final time breathing in take a breath fold a little deeper and then walk your hands in wonderful both lips come out straight out in front have a little shake down those legs and draw your knee in again squeeze it nice and close to you getting as close to your hips as you possibly can don’t lose your height find that little gold thread reached up to the sky and then turn my back on you’re very rudely here but you can see my dog deep twist and come to the floor find your height grab hold of that leg and look over your shoulder keep the leg close to you good nice and upright through all your play with it that left straight legs active toe to the ceiling good that does love it you can feel it in your skin that kind of lubricates the skin as well keeps it stretchy and healthy reach up fold forward go around hold it’s nothing if you want you want to keep those toes active enjoy your stretch take a breath and a breath out nice full deep breath good and a breath out full deep breath and a breath out resting there Jonas or asana just rest walk your hands in wonderful one of our favorites as well bad Canasta what are you gonna do is drop those knees out to the side or let them rest grab hold of your ankles relax your shoulders down the back lift notice how I put a little lift on my pelvis is roll forward and I’m gonna fold fold fold fold fold fold fold fold then I can follow them or draw my chin in and kind of round forward then I’m really focusing on strengthening my breath here nice deep full breath just sink into that stillness just pause let everything unravel good walking give you these a little bit of a hug and then from here feet flat to the fool come up onto your tiptoes and have your hands flat to the your mat fingers nicely spread and keep your feet together and we’re going to totally uncurl but you’re keeping your hands flat then encourage your feet to the floor and then your head is pointing to the floor then you’ve got a bit of a softness in your knee and your tummy’s touching your thighs and then straighten out again and then bend and then straighten and then Bend and straighten bending keep your right leg bent straighten out that left leg all the way up to the hip do the hip back a little with your hand and with the right hand down take your left arm up so again twisting detoxing and reach up over the chest nice deep breathing swap sides and the knee reach up nice deep breath inhale [Music] exhale inhale exhale both hands flat straighten out one last time lifting your bottom to the ceiling and then pull your belly in notice how my body is lifting just from the course of pull the belly in and let the lightness of a strong core pull you up good slowly and curl at the top standing nice and tall in Mountain Pose hands down by your sides and we breathe in deeply breathe out push away good breathing deeply breathe out again push away lovely breathe in interlaced push away lengthen so push down through your feet we’re really pushing the wheel and away from your body reaching up to the sky making your body long and then you have to take hold of your knee and draw it into you and suck out in your knee ankle and then holding your knee and second you need just get those hips moving nicely and then taking a hold of your knee with your opposite hand reach back reach back open the chest look behind you another nice twist bring your hands and take your foot behind you have your knees in line push your hips forward or ease your hips forward so you get a nice opening here and find your length through your body bring your foot down a little bit over left in the arm’s reach to the ceiling and then take hold of your knees squeeze in Circle in the ankle good and then take out the knee nobodies suckle the other way hold on to your knee then take a twist and your breath is full and strong good breathing in know me and then take your foot behind you bring your foot towards your bottom and your hips coming forward lift your chest again nice and strong and then bring your feet down you can either take your feet a little wider and your hands to your hips and you’re going to just get circling in those hips so this could lubricating your hip joints so get your walk getting a walking up some hills getting your lungs going back out in the fresh air get that vitamin D and keep moving you can keep get two of those activities done in one go just figure eight your hips keep those nicely moving you can get your knees going to moving your body in all directions good keep it going nice deep breaths great and then just bring your hips back back just slowing down slightly slowing down slightly slowing down slightly bringing your feet together slow down slightly nice gentle moves dance now and you’re going to come to the top of your mat one more time standing with your feet hip distance nice relaxed shoulders and drop your chair chair them to your chest and you’re going to roll down pulling your belly in as you curl your body as in your hands feel really heavy right they’re holding little bags of sand and your shoulders are involved too and they feel heavy and each vertebra stretches away from the other and your head is relaxed at the top of your head is reaching the floor and you dangle down like a rag doll bring your hands to the floor and come down onto your mat so this is your final little section and this is your up shavasana now you can lie down for this or or step up nice and tall and upright getting up against a wall or with a cushion underneath you and all it is is maybe one minute of total stillness and reflection in on how you feel it is just a minute but it is the most important part of your practice it’s what keep our minds healthy so don’t ever skimp on the shavasana please work with me get yourselves in a comfortable position you’re totally out how to lie down give yourself permission to relax everything else can wait nothing else is more important right now so I’d like you to sit comfortably or lie down whatever is best for you right now find your comfortable position and again fill your lungs with a nice deep breath in and out now your breathing to bring a sense of calm into you and just watching your breath as it comes and goes and as thoughts pop into your body into your mind just let them pass let them float on and maybe another thought will come straightaway and that’s absolutely fine just let it move on make wave of next and keep practicing that until you can dip your toe in a little bit of peace so from your breath soften your body your breath to smooth and long and full of quiet power and keep your breasts soft but full of energy as we’ve practiced yoga to eliminate toxins from our body and her mind to keep our body mobile and healthy and our mind happy take another nice deep breath in breath out and then just blinking your eyes open allowing or inviting the daylight back into your body and if you’re lying down just bring yourself up to sitting for a moment roll your shoulders and allow yourself to settle so today we practice yoga to fight the virus I’ve given you five really important tips lastly be outside get all your vitamin D eat good healthy pure food it’s the most delicious way to eat make sure you get some regular good sleep especially before the hours of 12 a.m. it’s really difficult make sure you turn those screens off keep moving especially outside but most of all restore your body restore your energy and keep healthy and happy and practice your yoga and don’t skip on the relaxation now if you do find that you’re caught in doors but they’re looking after someone or looking after yourself I’ve got so many more great yoga and Pilates films so please tune in and watch the more time of yoga I hope you enjoyed your session with me today you

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  1. As the Coronavirus is spreading so quickly I feel I need to try and do something to help as many people as I can so I've designed my Beat Coronavirus Yoga class to give you as much help to fight the Coronavirus as possible. Firstly by giving you my 5 top healthy lifestyle tips so you can hopefully avoid it and secondly by making you strong through Yoga so you can fight it if you have to. Together we will beat it, lets start nowπŸ™πŸ»πŸŒΈπŸ’•

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