BBQ Grill Mat – Is Your Mother-in-Law Coming?

Hi, meet Dave.
Dave is a busy guy, and his time is important,
but Dave has a problem. His barbecue is filthy and he has guests arriving next week, including his OCD mother-in-law. Dave goes online to find the Best BBQ Grill Mats And discovers Chef Caron non-stick barbecue mats. Chef Caron offers barbecue grill mats that lay right on the grill and cover up all that greasy gunk. Or if your barbecue grill is new, they protect it from ever getting dirty. You can grill absolutely anything on grill mats such as veggies, hash browns, even raw eggs and pancakes. And cleanup is just a matter of quickly wiping the BBQ mats, rinsing and drying them and putting them away ready for the next use. And it gets even better. The non-stick mats distribute the heat so evenly that you get perfect results every time and nothing will ever stick
to them…ever! You even get those barbecue grill marks on your food just the same as when you cook right on the barbecue grill. It’s brilliant! The grill mats come with an eBook by Chef Caron that teaches all the ways you can use the mats and gives you great tips on how to get grilling results just like an actual chef. Dave goes online and they help him purchase the non-stick grill mats on Amazon quickly and professionally.Now Dave is a happy boy and is recommending Chef Caron to everyone he knows. Chef Caron BBQ Grill Mats

52 thoughts on “BBQ Grill Mat – Is Your Mother-in-Law Coming?

  1. This is AWESOME!  I love to cook on the grill, but I also like to cook a lot of messy things 🙂

  2. Dave should make his mother in law clean the BBQ, maybe she'll stop coming over.  Works for me.  However, what about fish?  I have one of those wire contraptions for fish but the fish still sticks to it even though I coat it with olive oil.  Do these mats work for fish?  I love to BBQ fish, especially when mother in law comes over….she hates fish.

  3. I've heard a lot about these and it seems everyone that has tried them really likes them. I really love the idea of keeping all the mess off the grill and they look really easy to clean. Seems like a win-win situation. I'm definitely going to give these a try. Thanks for the great information.

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