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  1. Inner Strength with ease and flow. Wonderful series and cues. I am studying for my Karma yoga project in my 200-hour YTT and I am inspired by your wonderful, simple yet strong postures and clear and loving voice cues. You really are a gift. Namaste

  2. Inner… and outer strength is what I darn need! 🙁 Ayayayay… this was my first yoga session after more than a month due to surgery. It was tough, but glad that I stuck with it. Thanks, Leslie!

  3. What a wonderful practice!! I usually do yoga before work, and this 30 min video is perfect for that time 🙂 Thanks!!

  4. Hi Lesley. As always, I appreciate the videos you selflessly post on here. They’ve made me love yoga more than ever. A question: do you have any pregnancy yoga videos? I don’t seem to find any on your channel. 🙏🏼. Greetings from Beijing

  5. Inner Strenght. This was the practice I needed today, Ashtanga is so good for detoxing and quieting the mind. Thanks Leslie!

  6. Hey Leslie! didn't know you were from upstate NY!! That's so cool! You are my one of my favorite Yogi's on youtube and i guess i just assumed they all lived in California because there never is bad weather in their vids lol.. I'm from Rochester so i'm glad to know not all of yall are from paradise island. Do you miss anything about the area?

  7. This practice which provided me with inner strength. I was feeling anxious beforehand, and when you suggested I tap into my inner wisdom, the voice that spoke said “everything is going to be OK.” THANK YOU.

  8. This has become my go-to practice in the mornings. I come away so centered! Much love to you and Duke 🙂

  9. I love your videos Lesley! There's always something for me no matter the day. Long, short, strong, flexible….you are truly inspirational!

  10. Hey, thank you for these classes. I've only been following you for a week, but I'm really glad I came across your work. I've always lost my patience with yoga, and now I'm starting to slow down and actually enjoy doing it on a daily basis. Both yesterday and today I found the practice to be extremely cathardic and cried at the end both times. Thanks for creating space to find inner strength. <3

  11. This practice was a bit too fast! It was hard to follow, as my breaths were longer .. inner strenght! thanks Lesley

  12. I practice with your videos almost every day and they are an oasis of peace in my stressful world <3 Thank you, Lesley!

  13. I felt like a mess on my mat today. I may have to do this video again to see if I can find some grace in this routine. However, Zi am loving your channel and admire your inner strength that shines through🌻

  14. Leslie I Just wanted to take a moment to thank you! You are a part of my every day and as a sometimes more-stressed-than-I-should-be teacher you have helped me find so much inner peace and strength. Namaste to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart!! <3

  15. Thank you for your dedication to making yoga instructional videos! You are a great teacher! ! #innerstrength

  16. Thank you for this class 🙂 Sometimes it is so hard to stay positive. Especially now that i'm trying to finish my studies and be a good mother and a provider for my little girl. It can be such a struggle on most days. But i try to take a moment for myself each day and get on my mat. It has become my safe space <3

  17. Maybe it was because I was feeling extra strong today, but this was probably my favorite practice ever from you! Thank you and inner strength 🙂

  18. Great practice , sometimes it was fast but i tried to follow you all time, i began to sweat but at the end i felt soft and relax, thanks for sharing Leslie. Namaste

  19. Beautiful, I love to go back to the Ashtanga Primary from time to time, although not in full. This is a perfect shortened version of the series covering all major asanas.

  20. Thank you 🙏 for reminding us to thank ourselves for showing up for ourselves and taking responsibility for our space we occupy in this world. I’ve been down on myself but when you said that I remembered to remember all the positive ways I’ve shown up for myself, my family and the world. Thank you 🙏 ☺️ namaste💖

  21. Ashtanga morning! Added the other 30 min ashtanga inspired class to this one and the result was the perfect morning! 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  22. Inner strength. This video saved my yoga practice this morning here on holiday in Portugal. The only time I get to take time for yoga practice in the morning (which must change!). Lost my normal video due to app update. The style is so loving and considerate, Lesley’s voice is so caring and sweet, with such powerful messages at the end to complete the practice. Totally set up my day! Namaste xxx

  23. I returned to this particular practice today and was so leased to note the progress I have made since the first attempt. Very heartening💜

  24. Inner strength is amazing! Thank you for making these great videos! Practicing yoga has changed my life! Love from Italy 🇮🇹

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