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Be Blessed by the Divine. Sriram, this is a video for you. Alpha Waves – What are its benefits? In wakeful state brain function at 14-40 cps in beta frequency the mind is active aware thinks listens feels discriminates analyses emotes. Closer to 14 cps the mind is calm above 14 to 20 the mind is in research and analytical mode calm but active state 21-30 cps the mind is in an emotional state above 31 to 40 cps the mind is in an agitated depressed angry mode highly charged up the emotional state of mind very high frequency. mad people have it above 30 cps especially on full moon / new moon days. Above 40 cps body cannot withstand death is the result. The objective is to reduce the frequency from higher beta to lower beta to an alpha state of the mind subtle state of the mind. What are the benefits of the subtle state
of the mind? In the subtle state of the mind (even below
Alpha also) The alpha level at 8~13 cps Usually called sleep with dreams state REM state. Mind is calm Processing short term memory The mind is in introspective mode Peaceful mode No disturbance within or outside. If you go to sleep then it is not of much
use In Kundalini meditation where we meditate on life-force the brain will go to subtle levels. In Thureeya chakra remains stable In Ajna it oscilates between Beta and Alpha In Sahasrara, it remains stable at Alpha. In the calm stable Alpha level the mind observes itself Introspection starts Reflection happens. When we introspect we can reflect upon the events of the day have certain things caused pain for us or others physically or mentally decide the negative one and decide the positive thought give the power to the positive one. visualize associate it to the situation next time, only positive thought will come
up prompts you to work on it. This is a powerful visualization and association
technique Superimposition technique. This is possible only at the Alpha level of the frequency Tons of materials available on Alpha level of frequency Search and study. After the second world war lots of research done on Alpha level Thank you for inspiring, Sriram Below Alpha, there is Theta and Delta At Theta level you go into a deep sleep state. In Kundalini yoga, in Thuriyatheetham meditation we go to Theta and Delta level without losing awareness without losing consciousness. We remain aware we remain aware of the universal energy field cosmic unified force I will see you in the next video Be blessed by the Divine,
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