Adrenal Fatigue And Exercise, and this Hack

hello everyone my name is dr. Joel Rosen
I am an adrenal fatigue recovery expert and I want to welcome you back to
another edition of your adrenal fix today I want to talk to you about
adrenal fatigue and exercise specifically should you be exercising
should you not be exercising what does exercise have to do with the
fact that your adrenal fatigue and what can I recommend for you I get this all
the time what I would say to you is is that it really depends and I know it’s
kind of a tough answer because I don’t really know the specifics of your
adrenal fatigue problem there’s different stages of adrenal
exhaustion acute responses where cortisol levels are super high it’s a
recent stress you’re relatively young you haven’t been around long enough for
cortisol to really be drained out of its savings account
there’s maladaptive stages where it’s high and then low it’s trending low or
it’s trending high or it’s just complete exhaustion so it really depends so the
first thing I recommend is getting a adrenal saliva test and starting from
there however like myself I was exercising five six days a week and I
was stressed out all the time I was relying on stimulants in terms of
caffeine and and sugar and waiting a lot of hours between when I first had my
meal and then when I ate next time my blood sugar is going up and down and
then just being exercising all the time that’s gonna lead to a quick burn out
and for those patients or people I typically suggest even if I don’t see
their adrenal saliva samples that they really really avoid any high high
intensity exercises because that’s just going to continue to drain the adrenal
stress accounts however today I want to talk to you about the cortisol awakening
response also known as the car ciear and I got this information from Apex
energetic so I want to give credit where credit is due
but however the cortisol awakening response is such that when you first
wake up in the morning within the first thirty minutes your cortisol levels
should raise at least 50% of where they are from the beginning from the morning
to thirty minutes later and if it’s not raising if it’s not
elevating its because you are a dream Lee exhausted or you’re in some form of
a stress response that doesn’t allow you to respond optimally these are people
that have difficulty waking up in the morning they need coffee to get going
they have no appetite I mean how many of you guys wake up in the morning I know
and you just aren’t hungry you don’t want to eat anything there’s no
motivation and basically you’re at the lowest energy point of the day where you
should be at the highest energy point of the day so what I’m going to recommend
to you is your cortisol awakening response is not not doing a good job so
we need to pump the car if you will or prime the car or pump the cortisol
awakening response and so this is what I’m going to teach you and that’s why
I’m sitting down on the job today so what basically I have a chair and what I
want you to do with it is a high-intensity interval training within
the first 15 minutes of waking up I know this sounds difficult and I know I just
mentioned I don’t know if you should exercise or not exercise first and
foremost you need to clear this with the physician if you haven’t exercised in a
long time so that you are given every green light to go ahead and start
exercising but however this is just a suggestion of what you can do to pump
the car or get your cortisol awakening response working in the right direction
I have a lot of patients say say well I can’t do this I have a lot of knee pain
or I have a lot of back pain or shoulder pain and to you guys I say I totally
understand but think of this imagine if you’re an athlete and you are injured
and you’re on the injury reserve list and your contract depends on you getting
back on the field in fact you want to get back on the field because you’ve
lost your starting position and you’re no longer doing the things you love to
do those people they basically take a all-or-none approach meaning they work
harder than they’ve ever worked before they rehab they go through a graduation
program from passive exercises to active exercises to the point where they
strengthen their knee or their back or their shoulder more so than they ever
have and so that they Adam comes I can’t I need to exercise because I’m injured
not I can exercise because I’m injured and I just went over this with a patient
the other day she has bad knees and she doesn’t want to do this exercise and
that’s fine but she needs to do this exercise so it’s
gonna be helpful for her knees and it’s gonna be helpful for her cortisol
awakening response so what you’re gonna do within the first five minutes of
waking up or we can say within the first 10 to 15 minutes of waking up I want you
to do this only for five minutes so you’re gonna grab a chair
that’s gonna be about if you can see we’ll pan it down it’s not that it’s not
that low so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna have my arms straight out in
front of me I’m gonna sit down and I’m gonna go back up I’m gonna sit down and
I’m gonna go back up I don’t care how many times I do it I’m gonna look at my
clock I’m gonna set it for 30 seconds and I’m gonna do as many as I can for 30
seconds then I’m gonna take a 30-second break and that would be one minute then
I’m gonna do it again for thirty seconds that’s another one and then I’ll take a
break and I’m gonna do that five times so you’re gonna do that for five minutes
at the end of five minutes you’re gonna feel that your heart rate goes up your
your cortisol levels spike and ultimately that’s gonna help create an
optimal cortisol awakening response a couple things I wanted to talk to you
about is patients will say to me what why can’t I just take you know an
adrenal stimulant ashwagandha licorice root other rhodiola or other other
adaptogens and to them I say you know what this is
a neuro endocrine problem which means the signaling in the brain the
hypothalamus the super chaotic the the retina and the eye the pineal gland the
release of hormones all of this is neuro endocrine related so it’s not just a
matter of taking a pill and fixing it it’s a matter of getting your cortisol
awakening response working for you so hopefully you found this informative
hopefully you’ll give it a shot again consult with any physicians before you
start any exercise program if you can’t do the squats you don’t have a chair
that’s high enough for you then just walk in place or do jumping jacks or do
push-ups or there’s so many things you can do for
30 seconds on 30 seconds off 30 seconds on for a total of five minutes to get
your cortisol awakening response working for you hopefully you found it
informative today my name is dr. Joel Rosen and this is my youtube site of
your adrenal fix if you liked what you heard please give a thumbs up or a
comment or a like or a share and if you want to hear it more information then
then just follow the link underneath this this title here and go to my
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information on the future thank you so much

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