Ab Exercises for Men & Women | Prone Mat Exercises

Hi. I’m Pepe from 100-Best-Ab-Exercises.com,
here with my fitness model, Craig. We’re going to demonstrate some Prone Mat Exercises for
you, specifically Back Extension, Prone Cobra, and Superman. So we’re going to start with the back extension.
Craig’s going to be done in a prone position. He is going to bring his hands forward. So
his forehead is resting on the back of the hands, and he’s going to open his legs up
slightly. From this position, we’re going to contract
the core. I want you to contract your lower back like a tube of toothpaste as you lift.
So he’s going to lift his upper body and lower body off the ground and return to the ground,
keeping a nice neutral spine here so he doesn’t bring his neck into extension. So we can do
this exercise dynamic as Craig is doing with reps or we could do a hold. The third option is going to be a back extension
with side to side. So he’s going to do extension, turn one way, come back to the center, down,
up, and the other way. Craig just wants to make sure he’s not twisting his torso while
he’s doing this. Next, we’re going to go into the Prone Cobra.
So Craig’s going to put his hands back, and same thing. He’s going to lift everything
off the ground, engage on the ground, squeezing shoulder blades back and down trying to touch
his thumbs over the top behind his back, and holding. So we could do this dynamic, for
reps, or again, we can do a hold. Now I’m going to ask Craig to go into the
Superman. So he’s going to bring his hands over his head, thumbs up, legs are slightly
open like he has. He’s going to raise opposite limb, right arm, left leg, and down, and opposite,
and down. This also could be done as a hold or dynamic reps. I’m Pepe from 100-Best-Ab-Exercises.com. Thank
you for watching.

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