A Meditation To Find Some Inner Calm

and welcome to a meditation to find some in a car now if you like what you see today please like and subscribe to Tabitha yoga okay so this meditation is ideal if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and you need to set aside some time just for you I’d like you to come to a seated position now if you’re used to meditation you probably have your favorite cushion or bolster or position that you like to sit in now my favorite here is this my aura moon meditation cushion and I love it because it’s perfectly shaped to fit my bottom and to put yours too so it kind of cushions my hips I’m just gonna sit perch myself on it it’s super comfortable and it just allows us to sit more comfortably in meditation it gives to myself a little lift as well in the chest so make yourself comfortable you want your hips settle a little lift in your chest so it’s effortless sitting for you and really thinking about how you’re sitting relax your shoulders soften the muscles of your face gravity to pull you down through your hips and pull your belly in a little bit little bit of support through the lumber spine and I’d like you to think about setting aside a little bit of time just for you so make sure that all gadgets are turned off and it’s nice and peaceful and you know you’re not going to get to stop just for a while so taking some time to take care of yourself making sure you’re warm and comfortable and give yourself permission to relax and that’s absolutely key you have permission to relax resting and settling in it’s close your eyes if you feel comfortable too or bring your gaze down or maybe you prefer to alternate between the two and that is absolutely fine so softening the gaze and allow yourself to second sitting comfortably letting gravity draw you down there’s no special way of allowing that to happen just let gravity do its job you know it always will and then allowing the length of your spine to draw out so you’re letting energy your prana pull you up so you’re sitting upright drawing the top of the head to the sky and then I’d like you to look back to your day just bond from the moment you woke up this morning with all your jobs and duties that have brought you to here and then I like you to look to the day ahead from after your meditation through to bedtime and then bring yourself to the present to hear now you relaxing softening and finding some inner calm bringing yourself totally to the present moment totally being with yourself then imagine that there’s a little spotlight and it’s hovering over your body over each part of your body in time it’s just seeing if you can locate any areas of tension and really focus on those areas where you habitually store your tension so the obvious ones might be either jaw your brow shoulders hips just notice these areas without judgment and notice how it feels so maybe a pins and needles or numbness just notice how it feels again without judgment just notice so you know that you can recognize it again when it arises and when you find that area of tension or discomfort I’d like you to send softness to it finding softness in your body in this part of your body invite suffering and continue to do this until you think that you’ve found all those niggling areas of tension and your body feels completely soft and steady soft edges strong core now you don’t need to do anything here make no plans or intentions of the outcome of this meditation you’re just here no motivation no intentions just being present feeling your body rooting down to the ground proud of your head and reach you to the sky again close your eyes if your eyes are wounded clothes or bring down ahead of you and I’m so famous in your body and spend a moment just noticing how you feel and noticing how you feel in all aspects you know doesn’t you don’t have to feel amazing it’s notice all these things without judgment no judgment on yourself just notice feel heavy on the earth gravity support you nice and actress by a gentle number curve relax your shoulders and lift your chest a little lifting your heart lifting your chin slightly to free your throat and if you think about thinking about how all your chakras are spread up through the spine making a space for all of those we don’t want to scrunch down you want a lift to make space for the energy to flow freely through your body [Music] open to your body so the energy can move freely through chakras through your whole subtle body energy system crown of the head to root to take just take a look over your shoulder soft shoulders take a look over your other shoulder and come back to the center and drop your chin draw your chin in this is all done gently and then bring your chin up to the ceiling and a little bit of mindful movement here in your neck dropping your ear to shoulder and coming back to the other side you don’t go through that one more time so looking over your shoulder other shoulder to the fan turn drop your chair and all of this is an invitation the mindful movement is an invitation you don’t have to do this if you’re fine sitting still and your head and shoulders speed okay you don’t need to move at all maybe you need to take around sitting up nice and tall again and feel a sense of ease and welcome to softening into your body and often when you become still you find that your mind becomes really busy and thoughts pop into your head or images or unless they try and snatch you from your present and that’s absolutely fine just acknowledge each thought or fantasy or image with respect and let them move on – simply passed with a smile and acceptance [Music] you’re feeling fully supported feel it ease in your body doing the supports of your bolster or your cushion the ground and the support of the earth beneath you feel connected to that energy and let it draw up your body and enjoy this time just for you is magic and increased your comfort if you need to adjust yourself you don’t have to keep still there’s no rules move until you feel good again and then invite softening notice how each part of your body is touching the floor connects to that and then connect to the sounds outside your body so maybe the hub up of the street below or bad song or just the noises of your home whatever it is just tune into those then I’d like you to tune in to your sounds so your internal sounds close your eyes we’ll bring your gaze down withdraw one of your senses so you can focus deeply on others the goings-on inside your body notice without judgment for attaching thoughts maybe you can sense that gentle vibration of your breath in your body as you breathe notice the rhythm of your breath you’re not trying to slow it down force your way you’re just noticing your breath noticing how you are breathing today [Music] gentle flutter of your own breath rhythm breathing in completely breathing out fully again deeply I’m breathing out for you I notice the path of your breath as you breathe in feel the coolness on the tip of your nose feel the path down back the throat and feel your chest lift and your ribs expand and then allow the passive exhale as you allow every part of your body to something as you breathe out and follow that pathway again visualize if that’s what you like doing the path of the breath through the tip of the nose back of the throat lifting your chest expanding your lungs and then allow softness as you passively let the breath leave your body continue breathing like this steady smooth fine deep breathing your deep breath is a healing [Music] and just notice how wonderful and relaxed you feel [Music] and continue to take slow steady breaths and take a moment to notice how you do feel and take the best of that feeling with you as you continue through the rest of your day picking your eyes it opening your gaze inviting the light back into you bit by bit rest your fingertips beside you just one final time take a deep breath in and bring your hands to your heart I really hope you enjoyed your meditation for in a car [Music]

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  1. If you’re feeling a little frazzled or overwhelmed or you just need a little time to yourself – A Meditation To Find You Inner Calm will do just that. It’s a great way to relax before you start your day and a super way to wind down after you’ve finished your day. Whichever time suits you, put this class on and feel all your tensions and stress melt away 🙏🏻🌸💕

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