Hey, what’s up guys? I’m Scott from MuscularStrength.com and in today’s video. I’m gonna share with you The eight dumbest exercises I see when I go to the gym now if you missed the first video on the ten dumbest Exercises click the link right here and there are some some pretty we’ll just say amazing exercises in that video. So Bookmark that watch it after this one because this video has some doozies as well without any further ado Let’s jump right in So for some of these exercises like the exercise itself might not be the worst possible thing you can do but when you’re in a gym with about a bazillion other options It’s starts to be a little ridiculous. First exercise on the list is a goblet curl with a dumbbell alright Basically the way you do this exercise Is you hold the dumbbell with your hands flat like this And then you put you start to curl with it right up down up down Now the problem with this exercise is number one it puts a ton of strain on your wrist Number two, you always feel anything in your biceps from here to here like the rest of the movement You kind of just feel strain on your wrists and shoulders as you go up and down then the dumbbells That’s the bounce off your chest a little bit and number three if you’re in a gym and you have access to I don’t know two dumbbells Instead of one or a barbell to do curls with those are gonna allow you to work through a much better range of motion Lift heavier weight and above all else lift safely. So don’t do that. The second exercise is a single arm shoulder press on the seated low row machine. So using a back machine to work your shoulders now There may be some instances where this will work But on this machine is very clear that as soon as your arm goes from about here to about ninety degrees The weight kind of counter balances itself and goes back I mean Look at how high the weight goes If you lose control of this that weights gonna come down and kill somebody number one Number two if you lose control You could possibly hit yourself with a handle now I Actually see this a lot and I want to know if you guys do too So make sure you go down to that comment section and let us know but for me Anytime I see someone doing this exercise. I immediately tell them to stop and I say hey, you know what? There’s an easier way to do this. Just go sit down and grab some dumbbells The third exercise is actually one of my absolute favorite exercises to do for my gym It’s a standing oblique crunch and you can do it holding a plate You can do it holding a dumbbell The only way you shouldn’t do it is holding two plates or two dumbbells guys If you’re going back and forth like this holding the same exact way in each hand You’re basically counter balancing the weight and not having to work through the range of motion the whole point of this exercise is to go down real deep to focus on a stretch and a Contraction as you come up flexion your core as hard as you can like You’re taking the core stability out of the equation. So if you’re gonna do this exercise, please If you’re gonna use two plates put them both with one hand or just grab one dumbbell The fourth exercise is the smith machine leg press now this exercise gained a lot of traction because a lot of people go on instagram and their newest female IG crush says I got my booty from doing this bullshit exercise and a bunch of other bullshit exercises that actually put Barely any resistance on the glutes whatsoever because they’re weird movements like this now aside from being extremely dangerous You’re you’re putting the barbell either towards the top of your foot or in the middle of your foot Which is not a mechanically advantageous position to be in you want to be pushing through your heels In order to maximize the amount of weight you can lift on this pushing through the ball of your foot is doing nothing for you and aside from Being able to rack and unrack a bar by yourself and then I mean I guess the bar doesn’t go all the way down to the point where to crush your face or your stomach But if you do lose your footing and the bar slams all the way down you’re gonna look even dumber than how you look doing the actual exercise, which is like really dumb Number five is an exercise that you see dudes do that don’t understand that the chest fly is not an exercise where you’re supposed to be able to do the entire stack All right the chest fly is a movement where you’re supposed to be able to really feel the contraction in your chest and the only way you’re gonna be able to do that is if you’re flying with weight that you can actually Handle now when you start to live too heavy this is what starts to happen You do a chest fly for about half the movement then when you get about half way, it turns into a biceps curl So if you’re currently doing this All you’ve got to do is lower the weight and your chest gains are gonna go through the roof Number six is the hip thrust on a leg curl machine now guys Special shout out to Cass she works the front desk at the gym at LA Fitness that we were at I was just like you know what? I’m just okay I’ll do a lot of things You know I was just a little too embarrassed to do this because it’s I was afraid that the the subscribers I have in that gym Were gonna unsubscribe from me if they caught me doing this Oh, thank you very much for Cass for coming in to show this exercise and guys when you do the hip thrust, okay Whether you’re doing a hip thrust or glute bridge I just made a video about this the only two exercises you need to work your glutes. You have got to have hip Hyperextension the bar has to be on your thighs Okay So pretty much pressing into your femurs and you have to be able to load it with weight that you can handle and the range of motion on a leg curl or a leg extension machine is not gonna put you in an advantageous position to where you can actually lift as much weight as Possible and get that hit hyper hip hyper extension, so don’t do it You’re better off going on the floor and doing this exercise with your bodyweight The seventh exercise is another one of those exercises where it’s not necessarily the worst thing you could do But if you kind of apply a little common sense to the movement you start to realize how ridiculous it is And it’s doing a seated calf raise with dumbbells on your legs now The reason why I say it’s a bit ridiculous is because most people when they do this they grab light dumbbells So maybe like a 35 a 15 maybe even as high as a 50 pound dumbbell, right? Think about how much you weigh? I weigh a hundred and seventy-eight pounds, which means all day long My legs are used to carrying around 178 pounds now maybe doing a standing calf raise with both feet at the same time You might not feel like it’s working the calves as much as I want it to But sitting down and putting a dumbbell on my knee that’s only about 50 pounds is not gonna help me You’re much better off just standing and doing it with a single leg so Put the dumbbells away just because you’re in a gym doesn’t mean you have to use them and do the exercise standing with both feet or just one foot or Standing holding that dumbbell in your hand and last but not least number eight And this one this one was saved for last for a reason because it really puts the cherry on top of the cake guys We’re gonna call this a chest fly to leg press. Oh God, please no, no, let me just say one thing You’re not like next-level functional training here Okay, your next level about to kill yourself. You’re not in first of all You’re not in the correct position to be doing a chest fly the the seat position on a leg Press is way too high to be doing anything like that and number two There’s no way you’re gonna be able to press enough weight with your legs While trying to also focus on opening and closing your arms at the same time Like you’re just gonna be all over the place mentally When you’re doing a leg Press you need to focus you’d have a full range of motion and you need to be able to lift as much weight as possible Not to mention the coordination that goes into this exercise I mean it took me a few takes just to get it right to Open my arms as the weight goes down and then as the weight goes up to bring them in now It actually didn’t feel too bad doing I didn’t feel too embarrassed about it But I did see quite a few lurkers looking and they had they had like those hungry eyes where they were like Oh that actually looks pretty badass. I’m gonna try that. I had immediately went over afterwards I was like, hey, I’m filming the video and what not to do and I could tell you’re interested in trying this So, please don’t let me catch you doing it when I come back to the gym. They’re like, okay I was wondering what you were doing. Like yeah, this is for a video. You’ll see it on YouTube this week They’re like, alright, subscribe. Thank you very much And that’s it guys Those are my eight dumbest Exercises that I see in the gym and remember if you want to see the first video of the ten dumbest exercise that I see You can click that link above in the cards or I’ll post it in the end screens as well. And as always More good stuff coming soon if you guys want to see more fun content like this Let me know by smashing that like button and leaving a comment below and for those of you who are having a hard time figuring out which Exercise will give you the most bang for your buck when you’re trying to build muscle All you get to do is check out my only two series. I’ll post the entire Playlist right here. See you guys next time

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