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– Hey, welcome back to Yoga With Tim. So, lately I’ve been
getting into foam rolling and I’ve done some videos
about foam rolling. It’s a great technique to help to open up stuck parts on your body
that don’t move very well. Another great thing that you can do is hold a yoga pose for a long time or do pumping type
movements with your body. So you can get better
mobility, better movement, if you pump the body, pump the joints, get the fluid moving
better in your joints, it’ll help the muscles that
feel stuck to move better. So, today’s video, we’re
just gonna go through like a full body mobility routine. I’m gonna do a bunch of different things. It’s not gonna look a lot like yoga and it should be a great way
to make your body feeling, moving like it’s moving fluid, like the joints are moving well. And you could also do it
before you do an exercise. Okay, So we’re gonna
start off with the hands behind the back, on your
lower back like this, and just start by rolling
your elbows in and out. Like, just imagine you’re Mick
Jagger and you’re about to, he does weird stuff like this, right? And maybe like, okay,
don’t do that though, that was fingers, and
then bring your knuckles to your temples and then
start to pump your elbows. And as you exhale you can
look down, inhale look up. (breathes deeply) Alright, then drop your arms to your side and just start to march in place. So, as you’re doing this,
be mindful, I’ll show you from the side, to keep your tailbone long. Each time you’re knee comes up, try not to tuck under, but keep good posture while you’re doing this. Feel yourself grow tall up over your ankles each time you lift your knee. So we’re starting to warm up the hips, and now, let’s start
to add an arm movement. This will be a little tricky, keep your legs moving like this and start to pump your
arms forward and back. So, when you’re doing this
this is like triggering your heart and you’re circulatory system, it’s like telling your body, like, okay, let’s get things pumping. And then take you’re arms out to the side. Just reaching out to the side, it kind of feels like you’re doing maybe an aerobics class in the
90s or 80s or something, should be wearing neon socks for this. And then arms up and down. So, just make sure you
wanna have good posture, your pelvis isn’t tucking under, head stays up on top of the spine, (heavy breathing) Okay, so already you should feel things are moving a little bit better. Now let’s try a different movement. Keeping your pelvis
steady, bring your knee up and tap your big toe
back, so just starting to swing the leg in the hip socket. (shorts rustling) We’ll just do seven,
and then change sides. (shorts rustling) And keep yourself growing
tall as you do this. Try not to let yourself
swing from side to side. Alright, then a little trickier movement. Hold your knee up at hip height and pretend like you’re
sweeping the floor. So you’re internally
and externally rotating the thigh at the hip socket, but again, stand up tall, make sure that your pelvis isn’t tucked, chest is open, head is right up on top of the spine. And change sides, knee up to hip height, and you might notice, like for me, this left hip doesn’t
want to internally rotate, so this is good for me
to practice regularly, to help to get better fluid
movement out of my joint. Okay, good, then we’re gonna swing the leg back and forth, so now
with the leg straight, abducting and still keep your chest open, pull yourself tall up over
your standing leg ankle, right over the front of the ankle. And then change legs just like
your sweeping back and forth. (shorts rustling) Alright, then one more thing standing, interlock your fingers,
turn your palms inside out, and then start to pump your arms. And start to work the hands
up towards the ceiling, but as you’re doing it, each
time you straighten arms, plug the inner arms down into the socket, as the elbows straighten, so you keep space across
the back of the neck. Change the interlock. Alright, now see if you can lift up onto your toes as you do it. Very tricky. Alright. Then, with your feet hip distance apart, tuck your pelvis and untuck your pelvis
and arch your lower back. Tuck the pelvis and untuck the pelvis. Then raise your arms up and with a bend in your
knees, fold forward. Step back onto your hands and your knees and as you exhale, round your back inhale, arch, reach your chest. Exhale round. Inhale. Exhale round. Inhale. Then come into neutral
without your hips twisting, stretch your left leg back behind you, pull your belly up without
your ribs twisting, send your right arm forward. Reach, engage your core,
turning on your abs. Change sides, stretch your right leg back behind you without the hips twisting. Now, send your left arm forward. Good, then change sides, inhale, exhale, lower down. Inhale, change sides, exhale, lower down. Inhale, change sides, exhale, lower down. Inhale, change sides, exhale, lower down. Stretch back to child’s pose. Then slide through onto your belly. Getting just a little bit yoga-like. Reverse your hands, wake up the muscles in your upper back, open
up across your chest, stretch back through your big toes. Turn your hands around, lift
up onto hands and knees, curl the toes under, walk
up to the front of your mat, and then with a bend in your knees, roll yourself up to stand. And roll yourself down. Roll yourself up to stand, head and neck last thing to come up, stand tall. One last move we’re gonna do, just a little bit of twisting. So, start to twist side to side, and we’ll add a knee up, so
as you twist to your right, bring your knee up and point
your elbow towards your knee, or in the same direction,
and then change sides. Change sides, change sides. And still stay tall through
the line in your ankle. Alright, that’s it, hope you
feel nice and mobile now. I know like when I went
back to that child’s pose it felt pretty good, my hips felt open, so let me know what you think, how you feel after this, could
be a great way to warm up just for yoga practice too,
or just you run out of time. Great practice to do daily if you don’t have enough time to get
a whole yoga practice in. Alright, hey, thanks for watching today. Leave a, I already said
leave a comment below, but make sure to hit the like
button and also subscribe. I’ll see you next week.

64 thoughts on “7 Minute Morning Mobility Routine | Yoga Dose

  1. This was such an outstanding morning yoga I loved it 😘😘 Tim Senesi You Are great person and yoga teacher as well I am your biggest fan from India sir I doing your all yoga pauses feel good in the morning after do yoga

  2. This is a great mini workout for getting some morning energy. I do your videos regularly. Which one would you recommend for swimmers?

  3. Nice quick energizing routine.  Tim, I mean this in the kindest of ways, and I know I may be in the minority, but could you please have your friends more often.  It seems that when they are on the mat and you are guiding them the practice is more challenging and your instructions are better because you have the student in front of you.  I hope your shoulder is healed.  Namaste.

  4. Wow.. really LOVE this! It is quick, simple and accomplishes a lot in such little time,  vital for us who are time pressed in the early morning. I did the whole thing this morning and am committed to it. Let's see if I can do this for a week, and then another, and another. Thank you for this Tim.

  5. Hey Tim. I've added this one to my favorites, so I can return to it every day. Seems like a great way to wake up the body right out of bed in the morning or to warm up for a longer practice. Love the variety you bring to your channel. Keep up the great work!

  6. yayayayay! this was perfect! i have started to focus more on weight lifting than yoga so this was a godsend for me

  7. Thanks for sharing man. Felt a bit sore and tired this morning from a workout yesterday and this helped loosen things up!

  8. Tim,
    Thank you so much for your videos.Practicing them daily has done so much for me, physically and mentally. Between injuries and depression, I haven't regularly exercised or stretched in a while. Yoga seems to be a combination of the two and a whole lot more. Your workouts, (daily for about 2 weeks now) have brought me a level of relaxation and peace of mind that I haven't achieved in some time .

    Additionally, as a yoga novice, I had no idea that yoga could be so beneficial when it comes to athleticism. I've already had improvements with hip and lower back flexibility, spine alignment, posture, core strength, balance and body awareness. It's really an amazing discipline.

    Thanks you again so much for your excellent content.

  9. I was looking for 5-10 minutes morning routine and this one is great for just warming up joints. I love the board and suite on the back as well 🙂

  10. Badass! Thanks Tim! I had a baby a few weeks ago, and this felt so nice to ease into more movement.

  11. Great daily practise thanks Tim, I've been doing it for 3 weeks now and introduced it to my yoga class who enjoyed the throwback to the aerobics era – promises of neon leg warmers next time. I think it's good to provide variety in a class and keep encouraging different types of movement for them to do at home that also doesn't take too much time for them at the beginning, before they get hooked…:)

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  13. Hi Tim! Great video! Did this 2 days in a row before some other exercises. Can you please explain the difference between this one and another "Warm up before yoga or exercises". Which one is better to do before exercises? The other one is harder as for me 🙂

  14. Can't do too much in the way of exercise because of a balance condition and this is perfect, I do it every morning to gently stretch and work on my balance until I can do more. Thanks 🙂

  15. Hi Tim, I just did this 7minute routine. It’s great, thanks 🌟 Perhaps adding some movements for the hamstrings and calves would be nice. I still have stiffness there after. Best ♥️

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