6 TIPS: How To Stay Motivated | Workout & Fitness Journey

Hi Guys Welcome to Stay Fit and Travel my name is Emi if you’re new here click subscribe so you won’t miss all the fun Workout Videos Coming Your Way today I want to share with you some Tips on how I stay Motivated Throughout My Three Years Fitness Journey and A new Topics Fitness Guide Called the Body Boss that I recently Just Started to try it out On and what I think About it I often get Questions on How I make the Switch from the most Unhealthy Lifestyle of Partying Drinking and Never Working out to now this health and Fitness life of Staying Motivated for so Long and Even Becoming a trainer Myself First one Set goals what is it in Health and Fitness that you want to achieve it Can Be weight Loss getting abs Feeling Healthier Being more Confident in your Own Body and This goal is going to change as you Progress Along your Journey mine used to be Slimming my waist reducing my cellulite getting abs A few Months Ago it was getting a Handstand and now it Is Growing my Booty and Just to practice Self-Love and Body Confidence Those Are what get you started to do what you do in The first Place and then Keep you going every single day I set Big goals Five Years, ten Years, and Then Work Backwards to Set my Short-Term goals: what you do on a Daily Weekly and Monthly Basis to work towards these Goals so they will become A Reality Which Is why I have a Daily To-do list, Including my Workout of the day so every day I aim to get that Done it Makes me Feel Productive And Organized and When You achieve Certain goals and when you see that you’re getting closer to the big goals that you set in The Beginning I’m Telling you that Feeling of Happiness and Achievement Knowing that your Hard Work Is worth it it Gets you more Motivated to Crush even More Goals Or even Set bigger goals that You Have Probably Never dreamed of before This brings me to my next Point track your Progress We evaluate Regularly what is working what Is not and We can do Better to get you closer to your goals what are the things that you Should Change Up Or AdD in your Routine and that leads me to my third point Keep it fun and Always Changing so that your Body Won’t get used to the Same Exercise and Stop Progressing trust me I won’t be able to do the Same Workout for Three Years Even Doing the same Routine for One Week Already Would drive Me Crazy Which Is why I’m Always UP for trying Something new Even if You try and Realize it doesn’t Work the best for you you’ll end Up Learning Something Useful and new for Yourself I personally love Bodyweight Workout because you can, do them Anywhere at Home when you Travel and you don’t always need a gym i’m Always looking for new Exercises To Challenge Myself and To Add to my Existing Routine so right Now I’m trying to body Boss Workout to see if We can Help Me Further Improve my Fitness Level it is A 12-Week Program of Different HIIT workouts you do it three Times A week There are Quite some new Movements I have learned so it’s Been Really fun so far it Also has A four-Week pre-Training for beginners who want to Prepare their Bodies for the Main Program for me A fun new Challenge Always Gives me some new Goals and Inspiration to Keep me Going in my Fitness Journey if You’re interested I’ll link this Fitness Guide in The Description Box Below They have Both The Online Version or One That includes the Book. Forth find inspiration but don’t Compare it Is okay to have body goals People Inspire and motivate You to Keep you going in your Own Journey but Don’t Compare your own Progress and Transformation with them because, everyone’s Body and Fitness Level are Different There’s Absolutely No Point to Compare your Journey is your Own do it for Yourself last One and, also the most important one For me Make it a habit am I motivated every day No I feel like Motivation Plays the biggest part to get me Started in The first Place but Afterwards it’s more so that I made it part of my Daily habit and Lifestyle it’s like Working out Brushing my teeth Changing and Going to Work I don’t really need Motivation to do Any of These things Because it’s Just Automatically Part of my Daily life my Routine and Exercises might Change but Most days I just do it because it’s Part of my Lifestyle not Because I’m Especially Motivated These tips To Stay Motivated and Keep Me Going in my fitness journey and what Worked best for me Based on my personal Experience and it Can be Different for Everyone I’d love to know and Learn from you what motivates you and Keeps you going Hope this Video Is Helpful to you let me Know what other Fitness Tips or Workout Videos that you want me to film next I’ll See you next Week

38 thoughts on “6 TIPS: How To Stay Motivated | Workout & Fitness Journey

  1. Wow I love how you said you've made working out a habit such as brushing your teeth and you don't need motivation to do it as it's just a part of your lifestyle THANKS this advice is gold!

  2. thank you for this video!!!!was very much needed as i'm feeling really down and it takes all motivation away
    i want to ask you Emi,can a change of life style also change your caloric needs????like i started eating enough during my summer vacation,so i was not busy and spent a lot of time at home,my only major activity was working out,but now i walk between home and school 4 times a day,( i eat lunch at home so i get back home on foot and then go again so it's a total of 4 times)and i spend long hours studying,along side with 30 to 45 mins of workout 5 to 6 days a week (sometimes 4 when something comes up and i can't workout) ,i noticed that i get tired easily,but my ED has been triggered with all ppl around me at school and i'm struggling not to restrict ,but i'm making sure to keep eating enough,i'm just not sure if i'm restricting again or my body now needs more energy than before,thanks in advance !xx

  3. Hi Emy, it's Janice from Toronto. I have a really urgent question. I've been working out since this January and lost some weights and got some muscles. But last week when I did squats, all of sudden I got really bad headaches and lasted two full days. And I tried leg work out yesterday including squats.. again sharp pain from my brain took over me and I couldn't sleep at all. I researched internet and found out it's "exertion headache"??!! What's that? Have u ever experienced this bad headache?? Should I stop all exercise? Should I lose all my mucsle? I am so sad.. please help me!!!

  4. Hi Emi. Your video is really helpful for me. And I have 1 questions is how long have you do these exercise for 1 day?


  6. FunnyI just had my revaluation of my body statistic comparing March this year and yesterday (30/09). Almost half a year and my body statistic only shows minimum changes (1% fat loss, 1% muscle gain) and I was so frustrated and demotivated. I still am feeling a bit down and thinking about giving up but yeah, I do have a goal to achieve so better look back and see what I have been doing wrong then.Thanks Emi for the video

  7. Emi could you plz make A vdo on healthy foods which are available in each every country
    And tell us whether green tea is good for health or not..
    And yaa as you said ..now i feel so happy when every1 compliments me nd praise me..
    Thankuu emi for being a part of my weight loss journey…💖
    #emi's fan

  8. Do you work in a gym too?? If so how many days of the week do you go? I'm new to working out and I'm not sure how many times I should weight lift and etc…

  9. You have an awesome channel! Deff a subscriber. Hope that we can encourage each other one day! So inspiring 💪🏼💕

  10. Hi emi, I really love all your videos and I pray I get to the stage you are right now with your body 👍🏾👊👌🏾

  11. Goals are good for beginners however as cazy as it might sound i believe goals shouldnt be a big prioirty. Lets face it, at some point you are simply going to run out of realistic, attainable goals unless simply maintaining can be a goal you can live with (which is fine, it's just not a "goal" per se). Emi has a great bod so whats her "goal" gonna be 5 yrs from now, 10 yrs from now, 20 yrs from now? See my point. Simply adopting and sticking to a healthy fit lifestyle is the key.

  12. I begin workouts so often but a week after I stick to it really well I get REALLY sick for a whole week afterwards which basically cripples me, I try to get fit but this just keeps happening😞

  13. I think my tummy looks like yours from 2014 August, I have been working out consistently for almost a year now and i can feel the muscles underneath have grown bigger but the fat is not budging 🙁

  14. Short summary 😉 :
    1) Set goals
    2) Track progress
    3) Change things up
    4) Find inspiration
    5) Don't compare
    6) Make it a habit

  15. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

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