6 Min Warm Up or Cool Down Workout – Dynamic

[Music] What’s up, everybody. Welcome to
the Marcy Fitness Channel. Today, I’m going to show you how to
do a quick dynamic warmup. Something that you can use before you do any
type of exercise routine at any time. You can use this as a warm-up
and you can use this as a cool-down. All right guys, so we’re gonna start with neck rotations. We’re gonna do anywhere between 5 to 10 on each side. Trying to get a full extension of the neck
just kind of warming it up. Getting the blood to the area. And this is actually it feels really good. Trust me. Okay. So we’re gonna go to arm swings we’re going
up then all the way back and all the way forward. Up, all the way back, all the way forward. And really what we’re trying to do here
is just drive in some blood to the area. Driving blood to the joint to the shoulder joint, to the elbow joint, to the wrist joint. Trying to warm everything up in that area so that way we otherwise if we worked it
or we’re cooling it down. Now we’re warming up the shoulders still.
We’re doing a push pull. So we pull. And extend with the chest. Pull. Extend with the chest. Getting that thoracic spine to kind of open up and engage for us getting some blood into the area. Whether if we’re warming up or we’re cooling down. So now we’re going to go into hip rotations. You can go right or left. This is going to rush some blood to the joint of the hip. Okay. Getting blood to the glutes to the hips. Now we’re gonna get some blood into
those knees and quad area and the hips getting opened up. What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
drive our elbows into our knees and we’re also going to push back
with our knees as we do this. This is going to help open up that hip area. This is kind of a PNF stretch. If you’re not familiar with what PNF is Proprio neuroreceptive muscular facilitation.
You can look it up. Now we’re doing more of a yoga type stretch
to kind of open up the ribcage and the hip together. Really reach back and look for the sky. Open it up areas of the body getting blood
to the body that we normally don’t get. Okay, we’re gonna come down on all fours. Rest a quick second. We’re gonna go into a hip flexor stretch. We’re just trying to get an extension of that rear leg, the hip flexor right in front of the hip. We’re gonna switch legs do the same thing now. Now we’re not trying to overextend here don’t overextend. We’re just trying to get a nice little stretch. Get some blood to that area. Okay. Still kind of getting some blood to the hips. And now we’re focused on getting some blood
to the hips and the thoracic spine. Reaching towards the sky. Keeping the belly button pulled in towards the spine. Really reaching for the sky on this guys. It’s a great stretch. You can do anywhere between five to ten reps here. Go at your own pace. Back on all fours here. Now we’re gonna go into a hamstring stretch. And lower back stretch keeping the legs
as straight as possible guys. Now we reach for the sky reverse the tension. Come back down you should get
a little deeper stretch here. Reaching for the sky again reverse the tension
and you should get the deepest stretch yet. Now you can hold under the hamstrings you can hold it the calves, the toes, heels however you want to do it. We’re gonna go on to the butterfly stretch. Great stretch for the hips. Put those feet together pull them in towards your pelvis. Now we’re gonna come up,
drive our elbows into the knees. And kinda the same thing we were doing for
the hips earlier when we were in the squat position,
we’re going to fight back with our legs towards the elbows for that PNF stretch. Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation guys.
It’s one of the greatest things you can do. Bounce it out a little bit. We’re gonna come back get some
more blood to the hips. And We’re going to growing stretch. So we’re gonna put one leg out to the side. I’m just gonna kind of sit there and let that
grow and stretch out a little bit. This is a great release type stretch guys, especially for those that sit in chairs all day long. Now we’re gonna reverse the tension. And switch it up. And you can hold these stretches anywhere between ten to thirty seconds you can do multiple, you know, reps and sets of them. It’s up to you. These warm-ups and cooldowns can be
as long as you want it or as short as you want it. But I would suggest no less than six minutes. Now. We’re going to get a full extension. We’re laying on the chest for driving
the hips into the ground. Extending the legs extending the arms and really trying to stretch ourselves out as much as we can. Okay, now we’re gonna go and
get a nice little stretch here in the abdomen. Keeping the glutes tight. And reversing the tension. Still stretching those arms. Tucking the head. And that’s it, guys. Six minutes warm up or cool down.

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