5 Pro Run Drills With David McNamee In Kona | Muscle Activation For Running

– Right, since we are in Kona
I thought I’d enlist the help of my good buddy, David McNamee. He has, of course, been the fastest runner here on the island at a
time, which year was that? – 2015, my first year. – There you go, so we thought
it would be a really good idea to ask David to share
his favorite run drills. (Slow electronic music) – Right then David, what is
going to be drill number one? – So drill number one, we’re
going to focus on glutes and we’re going to start
very simply with, sort of, a walking, slow high knee. – Okay, do you want to take me through it? – So, it’s very simple,
we just go up, down trying to feel the
activation in the glutes. – [Presenter] Opposite arm,
opposite leg just like running? – [David] Opposite, just like running and then we, sort of, simple progression just to make sure we use the glutes and not cheat by using the back, is the exact same but with
the hands above the head. – [Presenter] Okay – [David] And that just
forces you to use the glute, rather than cheating – And just go through this
for five, 10 how many? – Usually do 10 steps
and then just walk back. (Slow electronic music) – Right then David what’s number two? – So drill two, we’re going
to look at the glutes again but also thoracic rotation – Right
– ‘Cause obviously in running, to be economical you want the
thoracic to be moving freely. – [Presenter] So what are we going to do that differs from the previous one? – So now we’ll do the
similar with the legs apart from you’re going
to rotate the chest. So, very simple – Opposite knee to opposite – Opposite knee, opposite elbow – Right
– And just walk forward (Slow electronic music) – Okay, so that’s two so
far on glute stability, what’s our third drill David? – So the third one is,
it’s a difficult one. It’s glutes again but
it’s also the pelvis. – Talk me through it. – So we raise one knee and
then you want to rotate it out rotate it back and then down and it’s very much about
stability and control and yeah this – [Presenter] Testing me here – [David] This is not an easy one – So this is all about pelvic strength? – Yeah, pelvic strength,
stability, just to try and strengthen you up to avoid your knee collapsing. – [Presenter] Should we be
thinking about keeping our (oof) our chest all on one plane? – [David] Yeah so you want, sort of the movement really to come from the glute. – Really focus on moving the
leg out, rather than letting the body follow it? – Yeah – I really feel it in the opposite glute. (Slow electronic music) – Okay David, so we’ve gone
through those three so far but what is our fourth run drill, please? – Fourth one, we’re going
to mix it up a little bit and we’re going to go for some
activation now. (clicking) So we’re going to start
with the hamstrings. So, very simple, you want
to keep the legs straight but to go and to really feel
the hamstrings just (clicking) (Slow electronic music) – Right Dave, so that
looks a little bit tricky, talk to me about what
I need to think about when I’m doing it. – So this is all about feeling
the hamstrings activate and, sort of, to work on, well when your hamstrings need to activate when you’re running. So the key is to keep your leg straight and you really want the drive
to come from the hamstrings. – [Presenter] And quite
low contact, quick contact? – [David] You want it to be quick, it will take a while to sort of progress but you want it to be quick but you also want to be
going with loose shoulders. – [Presenter] So quite good
arm carriage to go with it? – A lot of people tense up
and they’ll go like this but you want to stay loose and very much (Slow electronic music) – Right Dave, that was
quite demanding four drills but what is going to be the
fifth one you’ve got for me? – So the fifth one is
probably the most demanding but it’s the one that will
set you up into running so usually I end this drill by
going into a 20 meter stride. – Okay – So it’s going to be high
knees, which most people know. So, it’s very much just
high knees but fast for 10 and then we go into butt kicks. – [Presenter] So 10 sets of high knees into 10 sets of butt kicks? – Yeah, butt kicks is very
much just the opposite and you just want – And is that still carrying our arms, not putting our arms down? – Always like running, so
it’s very much 10 high knees, 10 butt kicks and then our stride. – [Presenter] Great,
let’s have a look at it. (Slow electronic music) – Right Dave, thanks for taking
me through those five drills but when might we want to do them and are they stand alone sessions or do you put them into your own training? Or, you know, talk to me about
your idea of when to do them. – Very much I incorporate into the run sessions as it is ’cause – So nice and easy runs
or long runs or both? – A mixture so for me during race season, once a week I do a very
high intensity run session and for that I want to make
sure everything is activated and good to go. – [Presenter] So you’d
spend a little bit of time after you’ve warmed up to do all these drills
before the main set. – So generally I’d do a
15 minute run warm up, do some run drills, just
like we’ve just done, do some strides and then
I hit the hard session and it’s very much making
sure everything’s switched on, everything’s activated for you to perform. – So, would you just do them for that one hard run session a week or maybe even a couple of times? – For me, I like to do them twice a week and the second time I generally do it during one of my longer runs. – Okay – And say, for example, I
doing a 25 kilometer steady run – Yep – Maybe after 15 kilometers, I’ll stop. – Oh and spend five, 10
minutes to do some drills? – Five, 10 minutes just making sure that everything’s activated
’cause I think a lot of the time when we get tired, especially in training, maybe we’ve got a lot going on, our technique just falls apart. – So it’s just like a little
switch to remind yourself to get back into good run
form for the rest of the run. – And it’s amazing how just
spending five minutes will, the last 10 kilometers
of that run you’ll be a lot more efficient. – Well you guys heard
it from the man himself so maybe you should think
about giving those tips a try and definitely look at
doing those drills too. Please let us know in the comments below what you think of them. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this video so hit that thumb up like button, find the globe somewhere on screen to get all the other videos
that we’ve done on GTN and if you want to see another
video about run drills, well you can find that one down here. – And if you want to see the day I had at the velodrome doing some
aerodynamic testing, click here.

18 thoughts on “5 Pro Run Drills With David McNamee In Kona | Muscle Activation For Running

  1. I'm an alien. I'm a legal alien. I'm a Scotsman in Kona. 😀
    How does ex.1 at 0:29 activate the glutes (or even the back if you cheat). I'm seeing primarily hip fexor action.
    Good use of a golf course, by the way.

    I'll incorporate the drills. Thanks.

  2. Terrific video guys! I'll be certainly adding this into my run workouts. All the best Dave for next week. And thanks again. Let it rip on the 13th!!!!

  3. i've found these are also useful for post long run as a way of dynamic stretching and getting the body to feel good

  4. Good work there. So some vindication of what I am doing bar the pelvic twister and the arms up in the air. Like the idea of doing this in the long run… will be giving it a go this winter. Good luck in the race DM.

  5. Here I was just wondering what running drills I should be doing. Thanks for reading my mind. I did them before my long run tonight.-Joseph

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