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  1. Hello my angels!! Just want to say hi down here in the comments! Hope you are all having a lovely day and are enjoying #selfcaresummer so far! So crazy the series is half way done!! I'm scheming up a potential new series to continue on through the Summer – would you guys be into that? 🙂

  2. I don’t think I could d the minimalist lifestyle lol only because I love clothes and colors and fashion lol

  3. I really liked the vid! But its stuff ive heard a thousand times before in every video ive ever seen 😞😞love your aesthetic though!

  4. Ive been delving into minimalism as a 17yr and it’s been pretty great! I still feel like I have options but I don’t feel cluttered, I went down to a quarter of my clothes and it made me super happy! At the current moment,as I’m bagpacking rn with a 38liter backpack and could only bring so much clothes, I brought like 3 pairs of pants and 6 shirts (ish) and I love it so much as it’s clothes that match (I don’t like colors that much plus I feel like sticking to a color scheme makes washing and esp traveling easier ) so I have black clothes with a few red pieces and idk i just love my clothes and it just feels so easy ! As the weather changes I won’t be able to only have like 6 shirts but I definitely like the amount of minimalism I have had, I’ve also been deleting photos and apps on my phone and it’s been nice cause I know I only have things I really like or need, and one of the weird aspects of it is investing and I got some coconut floss that was like 5$ (expensive ish ) but I always remember to floss now cause I like it and i only have so much in my toiletry bag so I go through all the items my morning and nightly ritual. Sorry it was a longgg paragraph and I still have to subscribe but I thought it was really fun writing this out

  5. Awesome. Pretty similar to my morning routine, I just have to stick to it more regularly ^^ I often lose it again and have to regain it…

  6. Lemon Is super good for your body, also it can be a little tough on your teeth due to the high level of acids, just be a little cautious with it

  7. I feel like we're in the same place.Ive been diving into minimalism, and I still have a full closet of clothes😒. But nonetheless I'm still going to pare down again and again until I've,like you said, the things I feel most comfortable in. Much love sis💞

  8. What i love most about minimalism is that there isn't a right or wrong way to do it. It's just about prioritizing what's really important for you and let the rest be background noise.

  9. Instantly subscribed! You are so informative and put together and your tips are so helpful, can’t wait for more videos!

  10. I am trying to minimalize as well!! It’s a long process but an enjoyable one. This video was very helpful, I find I watch too many videos in the morning- I need to change my habits and eating habits too! Thank you for your tips 😊

  11. You.. You do know that cleansing isn't a thing right? I mean if these habits do you and others any good – great, do them. But you won't feel good because you're cleansed

  12. I HIGHLY recommend More Melody. She’s the only minimalism channel I loved enough to subscribe to. She changed my life. I hope you check her out.

  13. I’ve been putting all my clothes into outfits when laundry is done so they’re grab and go in the morning to help with decision fatigue, just like you were talking about! It’s so helpful!

  14. Are you looking at yourself in the monitor during the video or is there someone behind the camera? This was a little distracting for me.

  15. I have a service dog, so one of the first things I do is take him outside and play for about 10 minutes! No phone other than my alarm!

  16. Since I’m moving soon, I’m planning to minimize the stuff in my new room and to keep less stuff so that I don’t feel like I’m cramped in this tiny area. I’ll feel more open and happy by doing this. Thank you Carrie for helping me understand the work of minimizing:)

  17. My dentist would murder me if I started drinking lemon water. She's already annoyed at the fact that i drink smoothies and juices with citrus in it without a straw. I'm looking at it this way, the more i ruin my teeth, the more money she makes!

  18. Your channel is so amazing!! I love watching your videos – they truly inspire me to improve my overall daily routine!

  19. I haven’t seen any of your other videos but just so you know bullet journaling really helps with minimalism. I’ve been bullet journaling since 2016 and it’s amazing how much my life has improved and just how much more real I am with myself about decisions.💕

  20. Not to be a downer but getting outside when it's -15°C and still dark isn't exactly relaxing and refreshing. It's more like stepping into a pitch black freezer where it's somehow really windy

  21. That’s a reason why Steve jobs ware the same clothes!!!! *i mean not the exactly same clothes he ware the day before or something but he had same clothes with same color, same design.

  22. Also I’m getting into minimalism too! But trying to figure out how to be a minimalist but in style🤔 it’s difficult especially when it comes to fashion!

  23. One day I just decided to take almost half of my stuff, put it in a pile on my bedroom floor, and then put everything in trash bags and took it to goodwill. I haven’t missed anything I’ve ever gotten rid of. It truly is freeing to have less things and focus on life.

  24. Wow! This is the first video I’ve watched from you but your energy is so contagious & your personality is so lovely!

  25. highly recommend that u look into the KONMARI METHOD! i think its the best way of thinking about minimalism because it’s all about having only the things that truly spark joy around you

  26. hey carrie, just recently discovered your channel. i LOVE it!!! literally every video you do, especially self care summer, resonates with me on so many levels. THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  27. Hi Lady! Love your content! I just started a Facebook group for youtubers that are focused on health, beliefs, mindset, education. I think you would be a perfect fit for the content and add value to the group. It is very new (just made it today) as I'm not finding support with other youtubers in this category. I would love for you to join! Thank you! https://www.facebook.com/groups/2164213027127225/about/

  28. The phone thing is pretty easy, i wake up at 5:30, stay in zombie mode for 15 mins and kinda change my clothes and go to the bathroom. Then I eat, and then I leave for work at 6:20. So I can't use my phone before 6:45, and it's for 15 mins because work starts at 7😂

  29. I love your vids.. i really think you need to find a different filming spot though where the light from the windows is not behind you but in front of you!! <3 would be so much more nice to see your face better 🙂

  30. I have plenty of t shirts for daily wear but I usually wear just two of them n repeat them. Sort of minimalism without the tag " minimalism " 😁

  31. "and I know I have to go aaaall the way across the room to grab my phone" lol when this doesn't apply to you because your room is so small that you can literally reach everywhere in your room without leaving your bed 😂

  32. I struggle with anxiety, and I discovered minimalism about three years ago. It has helped me so so much. Decluterring calms me down, and opens up more space for me to “breathe”. I’ve also saved quite a bit of money now that I’m learning to only buy things I absolutely love or need rather than shopping impulsively. It’s definitely a journey, but it’s worth it in so many ways. 🙂

  33. Minimalism… I m so inspired by it. Ever since I came across this idea I have been trying to implement it as much as possible. It is so powerful n effective. Make life richer n more meaningful. It's a sweet irony… The less u have richer u get. Glad I realised this at an early stage of my life…!!!
    Connect with u totally on this note in this video. Loving ur videos… Keep Posting… 😍😍😍


  35. I really don't know what it means but I do know that I am always changing my clothes 6 times in the morning because I have so much to wear or sometimes I don't have things that are going to make me look good that day I will stress myself out about the way I look.

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