You know how it is. Hello my friends welcome back to my channel, I’m so glad you’re here today we’re gonna talk about Frugal finance self-care. I think everyone thinks about self-care as spas and bubble baths and pedicures and manicures and while that could be Self-care today, we’re gonna talk about financial self-care and the things you can do that are good for you and set you up for success and reduces stress and reduces anxiety and Really set you up for financial abundance grab your coffee Snuggle up in a blanket or if you are listening to this Secretly at work Or if you are listening to this on your couch However, you are listening to this. I hope you are relaxed and I hope you enjoy this content the first frugal financed self-care tip I am going to encourage you to embrace is Contentment This is I think the foundation of living a frugal life living a happy life living a life filled with joy and gratitude Practicing contentment for what you already have is the key When we are thinking about what we’re lacking what we don’t have why we’re not happy because we don’t have this we’re operating in a mode of lack and if we Change that we flip this script and instead we focus on all the things that we have I have a roof over my head. I have a cozy bed to sleep in I’ve got fresh coffee that I just brewed Warming my body I have clothes on me I have a Beautiful son who makes every day a me using I have family I have friends you have co-workers you have dishes to eat off of I always use that small example, but it’s so true Practicing contentment is a way of reminding yourself Hey self. I’ve actually got it pretty good Right, what could be more caring for yourself? Than reminding yourself of all That you already have and the gratitude you feel for everything that you already have So practice contentment, it feels good. If you have to write it down get out a notepad start writing down all the things that you feel Content with and I bet your list is gonna be so long and you had no idea Number two set a financial goal that will bounce you’re a SS right out of bed. I Feel like one of the most times that I was so financially motivated was when I was paying off my car I’ll leave a video here it’s part one of how I save twenty thousand dollars to pay off my car and I remember feeling so Driven so motivated and so Purposeful and intentional with my budget when I had this goal in mind and I haven’t had one quite driving sense So if you set a goal that you’re really reaching for and you set a timeline I had a timeline for that. I had to pay it off in January because that’s when my lease was up. So I was like Laser focused and that worked setting a goal will drive you it will inspire you and it will have a direction in your financial life of What you’re trying to reach it could be buying a home. It could be paying off debt, whatever It is have something that will light a little fire under your butt so that you bounce out of bed in the morning and you feel ready to attack this number three if you are feeling like Are always in the red you never have enough money and this is stressing you out the perfect Form of self-care to get you into a better place and make you feel better is to get your side hustle on Girl, get your side hustle on or boy get your side hustle on if you only have one job now of course, every situation is different, but probably if you only have one job you could figure out a way to have a side hustle, right if you’ve never seen my job video I’ll link it up above I have several jobs and I always have and I’m not saying that’s the way you want to live your Life, but especially those of you that have only had one forever Try a side hustle. Get your side hustle on get that extra income Into that bank account. It feels awesome. If You’re always Operating in the red you have to figure out either a way to decrease your expenses Or to increase your income. So try out that side hustle for those of you that have never heard of a side hustle There’s 8 million videos on YouTube about side hustles I don’t have a specific one But I can think of like 5 offhand just put in YouTube’s side hustle ideas And you will be bombarded with a million ideas just go through them and see what are my Strengths what? Could I make some extra money doing one of mine is I am a choreographer I teach dance and that’s one of the things that I love to do So why not get paid for it while enjoying and participating in the art that I love which is dance Do you have a passion? Do you have something that are you crafty? Could you make some stuff and sell it on Etsy? Could you? Drive an uber there’s a million side hustles I’m not even gonna get into it in this video because there’s a million and you have to just listen to all the ideas Capitalize on your strengths and make that extra money If you are still with me go in the comment Please and type in self-care so I know this content is sinking in. Oh and while you’re at it hit the thumbs up button Number four if you have any debt if you are not debt free Make an extra debt payment somewhere if you’ve been paying the minimum payment try to double it if You are in a position to make an extra payment on your mortgage do that if you just oh somebody some money and it’s weighing on you try to give them as Much as you can to get that off your plate make an extra debt payment to make yourself feel relief and if you are needing some inspiration of why even get out of debt Some people just operate in debt and they don’t really think much of it But if you are a person where it’s starting to weigh on you or if you’ve been watching this channel And you’ve been working toward the goal of getting out of debt. I have a video called Why get out of debt? It was a collab I did with my friend Mary Ann Christiana. Check out mine check out theirs and Figure out a way to get a little bit of your debt gone Paying off debt to me was such self-care not having debt feels like Relief it feels like a breath of fresh air. It feels so good. Take care of yourself Make an extra debt payment number five This one makes me laugh, but it’s it’s something I want to encourage you to do open a Roth IRA I’m just thinking the contrast of like what you think self-care usually looks like and what I’m encouraging you to do Open a Roth IRA. What’s a Roth IRA? It’s an individual retirement account if you are in a position to open up a Roth IRA do it I have a whole video on this I’m gonna leave it up here Investing in your retirement is something that You want to not forget about and I think that people forget about this as time goes on. They think I’ll worry about it later, and I say this and I said it and I’ll say it again My biggest financial regret in life is not setting up Retirement earlier if I would known the things I know now in my 20s I am confident. I would be a millionaire before I retire Confident I didn’t know this stuff you guys if you are in your 20s watching this Please heed my advice use open or off IRA invest in your Retirement of court. I have a 403 B. Also you might also have a 401 K. But I’m gonna I’m specifically pushing for the Roth IRA right now and when you watch that video You will know all the reasons why take care of yourself now get a Roth IRA Get it moving. I Think you’ll thank me. Later There are so many more financial self-care tips that I could share. But today I’m just starting with these five Marinate on these five. I hope they’re helpful I hope they spark something in you that will encourage you to take good financial care of yourself Let me know below if you want more frugal self care tips Cuz I got a lot of them in here that I’d love to share with you Let me know in the comments if you want another video with part 2 of this five more frugal Self-care tips and I hope that I see you in the next video. You guys have an awesome day. Don’t forget to hit subscribe! That’s my boy!


  1. Totaly Awesome, I compleatly enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , you might like 🙂

  2. Im starting up a tshirt and vinyl business so exciting also do hair and assist in my husband's side hustle carpentry!

  3. Numver 2 of Get your butt out of bed makes me think of the nice guy from Q Makes It Work. He motivates me to do my best at reaching my goal

  4. Saw kate kaden video, clicked fast. Hi kate! I'm an avid viewer of your channel. Your videos are my inspiration. It really helped me live frugally and contented. Thank you so much! Love from the Philippines 💕💕💕

  5. I’m almost 72, and I’ve always worked at two or three things. All mostly part time, and on lMy own time frame. Can’t imagine not. I tell people I’ll still be working two weeks after I die. Lol

  6. Kate great video! My neck hurts from nodding so much LOL. Contentment is key to being happy, less stressed because the more you have the more you have to take care of & the more you can save money!!! For us meal planning has been an eye-opener to saving even more money. We throw every cent we can at our debt fingers crossed we will be debt-free by the end of the year!

  7. Lol- Self Care 🙂
    Good tips and so true. When I use my grocery store cc,I pay it off online within a week usually because I don’t want to wait for the bill to come or to end up not having enough and stressing. Your cat is cute,I have a kitten that’s white with black spots. The shelter we adopted him & his sister from had him named Pepsi and we leapt it,they named her A&W,she’s a tabby cat I think it’s kinda odd to say but we kept that name too,they were just to cute.
    I’m about to be 32 but thanks I’m going to look into a Roth,I don’t have anything just working retail so far. Hope to be able to do crafts or something one day. 🙂
    Would love a part 2.

  8. Self care (I'm listening!) Contentment – yes. We are so rich in this country, even our poor, if we use our resources wisely. I am saving for a new car, roof, and hot water heater. So, yes, a side-hustle might be fun! The Roth IRA is a beautiful thing – and almost no one in the frugal community talks about it. Vanguard is great for low fees and excellent mutual funds. See The Simple Dollar article called $15 Retirement Plan (just search that and it will come up). This is a step-by-step approach on how to do this for yourself without having to lose money to the middle man. Everything TheSimpleDollar talks about in that article, I paid 2K to learn about, long ago before the internet made all of this possible. Really excellent content, all the way around. Love that Kaden boy!

  9. I couldn’t agree with you more Kate. If I knew what I know now when I was younger I would already be retired instead of having to have to continue to work! You’re one smart cookie!💜

  10. I got my first paycheck in 10 years (stay at home mom turned accountant) and my husband was like, "You wanna celebrate the first paycheck?!" "Nah." And I threw the whole thing at my student loan 😀 We were debt free '11-'17 and now have about $9k to get out of again and I WANT IT GONE then we can celebrate!

  11. Self care.
    Love this. I'm currently working on cutting out waste, and saving more money. Going slowly. I was able to get rid of the credit cards.
    Now working on the student debt. Just under one thousand left to go. I get a feeling of euphoria every time I make a "final payment" lolol. My biggest dream is to be completely debt free, but sometimes I indulge in self pity and feel deprived. Anyway I will press on.
    Thanks for the video, I really am thankful for all I have. And I am really thankful that I found your channel. God bless.

  12. SELF CARE! I want a side hustle from home but I am stumped as to how to actually do something. I am getting closer to more ideas though.

  13. Self care! It’s crazy the amount of things my husband and I have been doing that you’ve suggested in other videos, that we were doing before watching them. It’s crazy because how are people not already doing these things?! 🤔😅 I’m in my twenties and I’ll be checking out the Roth IRA video next! 👍🏻

  14. We are getting out of debt. BUT our 14 year old Sleep Number bed crapped out. So last weekend we baught a new one. 24 months free interest…great right. If you fail to pay it off on time the interest is a whopping 29.9%!!! The interest if compound daily is almost the cost of the bed. I've divided it by 23 months to make sure it's paid off before Nov. 3, 2021

  15. Hi Kate,new subscriber from South Africa,contentment is such a struggle for me as I 'm always compairing myself to others,you and your channel is such an inspiration for me! Love the earrings btw ❤

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