5 Best Wing Chun Workouts And Training Exercises

– Five best Wing Chun
workouts and exercises. (slow, electronic music) Now I notice a lot of Wing Chun schools, and at least the ones I
have been to a few times, a lot of times emphasizing
you go into a school, I can bet you 80, 90% of the time you’re seeing the sticky
hand which is awesome. I love Chi Sau, I love sticky hand. But I think the conditioning, with incorporating some of
these other training methods, will enhance your ability
as a Wing Chun practitioner. Now in boxing, of course, you’re definitely seeing the focus mitt. Now you walk into any Wing Chun school, you don’t see the focus mitts as much. So it’s interesting but I
think this would definitely develop a lot of your power,
speed, your coordination as a Wing Chun practitioner,
as a Wing Chun guy, right. So focus mitt if you want
to practice straight blast, let me show you and I’ll
have Shin join me as well. So there very simply, you
just say you want to practice just a straight blast, just
focus mitt, just like that. Right from there, let’s say you hit, and it could be a rhythm of three, right. (air whooshing) From here. (air whooshing) From there. Now if you do it improperly,
you’ll hear the sound more like a flat tire. (mitt smacking) See that? If you do it correctly (mitt smacking) you should hear a different sound. So it should — (air whooshing) And also practice penetrating
the opponent, right. Not just like that, but (air whooshing)
actually force the gap, right. (air whooshing) Right, from there. (air whooshing) From there. So focus mitt, very good technique. At the same time, also, you can also practice a few other
techniques like Fak Sau, right. Right, and you can also practice on here. Actually palm strike, you
know, so practice on here. Right from here, palm strike,
same thing, your chop. So focus mitts, they’re
very good technique, so we’ll try that. (fists thudding) As a partner, you want
to give him a little bit of room, not just push
forward, but let him give him a little bit, just a little bit. (fists thudding) Yes, because when you hit
someone head they’re gonna move. (fists thudding) Yes, right there. (fists thudding) A good drill that you
could do is 20 seconds, just nonstop hitting, 10
second rest, 20 second, and then 10 second rest. So we’ll try it for 10 seconds.] (fists punching) And make sure you breathe. (air whooshing)
(fists punching) Three, two, one, good. So you can see, it also works
your endurance as well, right. So Wing Chun guys, I think
we need to do more of that. So that’s the first
exercise, first workout. Second best Wing Chun workout and exercise is the iron ring. Now the iron ring, you’ve
seen also in Ip Man, there’s a picture of Ip
Man, and he does this. This is actually coming from Hung Gar but I think in Wing Chun you
can also incorporate this. He does a few things and
there are different ways you use it, I’m going to demonstrate. One very simple things that you could do is actually do your form in it. So you do, let’s say your Fak Sau, very slow, super slow, right. Again, do your Tan Sau, right, and do your Bong Sau very slow. Even if you do as simple as this. Now this is interesting,
this has got some weight. It’s quite heavy, but it
develops your dynamic power. It’s not like you’re lifting weights, because see, even I’m doing this, I’m using my structure to move the ring. I’m not using my, look at the difference. (rings jingling) I’m using my muscle,
right, I’m using muscle. But if I’m using my form, I
can hold this for a long time because I’m using my form, right. I’m doing it very slowly. I’m using my structure,
using my structure. I’m using my structure. So if you get little bit more
advanced, you might put like five, six of these on just
one arm and you can do it like a couple hundred times, right. Or you can do it just, your structure. This right there. (rings jingling) So I’m not using my muscle and I’m holding this, my
intention is going forward. And do my Tan Zau very slowly, I can do this very slowly. So it develops your dynamic power. That’s one way that you can use it. Another way that you can use it is actually when you
practice hitting with this. This thing will rub on your forearm. It’s also conditioning. So if you even do your straight blast, if you’re doing this, this is hitting your
bones in here and here and here and here and everywhere. Now you might be asking
where do you get these, Dan? I actually got it from
China, but I bet if you go to Chinatown, kind of a
Chinese martial art supplies, you can probably get it for you. So this one is a little bit heavier, forgot it’s how many,
whatever the weight is, but you can buy a bunch
of these iron rings. Now when I practice at home
it feels like Christmas here. Okay, ding ding ding, you can, right. (rings jingling) You can hear all this stuff, right. But this is actually one of my
favorite toys, you could say. Another one of my favorite
Wing Chun workout exercises is actually just hitting a heavy bag. Now Wing Chun, there’s also the wall bag which is nice to hit
that with your knuckle. It depends on if you put sand
in it, whatever you put in it. It’s awesome tool, but it
doesn’t have as much of a give. This actually feels more like a human so I like a heavy bag. Now this heavy bag itself is not as good because it’s a bit lower. I’ve got to make it a little bit higher, but for demonstration purposes. So you can practice this
simple as a straight blast. Just like that, right,
you can do it that way. Or you can also learn to do it like, (bag crashes) which is here, actually bridging the gap, give you a straight blast
to enter the opponent. So it looks like, (bag crashes) you can see that. One more time. So from here you’re going to Fak Sau. (bag crashes) (mumbles) You can see, with enough practice, you should be able to send
the bag flying, right. Same thing, imagine that that’s a human. Also same thing here,
also practice right here. Or another thing that you can do, it’s not super healthy but very practical, is you can have the bag
above this from my sifu. You have a bag hanging right there and you’re doing the straight blast and you’re trying to
use your straight blast to hold the bag. So imagine this bag’s like this way, you’re holding it, you’re just
blasting it and blasting it and it’s swinging like that. If you’re very very good, you should be able to
walk through the bag. So let’s see, it’s almost
up like this, horizontal, and you’re walking through. And you’re using your muscle,
your power, to sustain it. Not super healthy, not
healthy for joint, but boy. You do that, you get some of that, totally different straight blast. Because most Wing Chun guys. This type of power is a
totally different game. When you use it on somebody, hitting the head, hitting the chest, it’s a totally different thing. So that’s another quick exercise. Make sure you get the right
heavy bag, you can do with that. Just try, just try to just hold the bag. Like that, you can see what I mean. Number four, my favorite
Wing Chun workout exercise. That is just a push-up, but we don’t just do any kind of push-up. You could work your muscle, but for Wing Chun purposes, I like to do isometrics. So meaning that you
actually hold your positions for like five seconds, six
seconds, or even 10 seconds. So you think of the normal push-up, so it could be like this kind of length or this kind of length
or this kind of length. But for Wing Chun, what I like to do is either closer, kind of
like a diamond push-up, or even think about how you punch, right. You punch this way, so
think of this angle. Why not do isometrics to
strengthen the muscle like this. So just do it like this, very close. Just imagine you’re
punching, that’s the angle, so just hold like this. So let’s say you hold for five,
10 seconds, whatever, right. And then you can do like this, right. Or like that. Like that, like that. So you do 10 seconds,
10 seconds, 10 seconds, 10 seconds, 10 seconds. Now if you’re really good,
you can close up your knuckle. Hold real tight. So do that as well. Shin, you can try it. Get closer, even closer, even closer, yes. So slowly, let’s say five seconds, and then five seconds. Five, four, three, two, one and then lower. Five, four, three, two, one, all the way down. Five, four, three, two, one, halfway. Five, four, three, two, one, one more. Five, four, three, two, one, awesome. So give it a try, see
how long you can hold, how many reps that you can do. Maybe you can even do
almost a full minute of it. So 10 second, 10 second, 10
second, 10 second, 10 second. You can do different positions, see right, 10 seconds, 10 seconds, 10 seconds. You have one minute and you’ll see this, it burns, like isometrics. And when you notice when you
do, when you practice enough this whole punch suddenly
is much much more powerful. And now, my favorite Wing
Chun workout exercise, and that is the burn machine. Now, my friend introduced this to me, and when I found it, I think it’s almost the perfect equipment for Wing Chun. And it’s perfect because you’re using it for straight blasts. So this thing comes with the 12 pound, it’s the heaviest one. It’s awesome, it works your muscle, that’s why it’s called the burn machine, because this thing burns, okay. So think of it this way, just imagine you’re doing a straight blast just like that, right. See that? You can do it low, do it high, right. Imagine if you can do 500
of these, then reverse 500. Just like that, and you
can see this is working, this is working, this is working. And there are so many other
ways you can also work it, kind of almost like a dumbbell like that. Also work your muscle that way. You can also work it this
way, working your forearms. See that, forearm, work it that way. Also your shoulders, you
can also work it this way. Like that. Another way you can
work it is interesting. You can also do it like this. Side, it’s like typical… Also if you get very good, you can probably get
creative with this, right. Turn it this way, turn it this
way, and turn it this way. (mumbles) But this, this thing, it burns. I’m telling you, two minute
on this would be like oh man, that’s why it’s
called burn machine. I think it’s a perfect piece
of equipment for Wing Chun. You work the shoulders. Even if you’re using it
for a couple of months, do a couple thousand of these every day, I think you’ll feel the difference. As you do this workout, obviously your muscles will get sore. One of the things that
I do to relax the muscle and also to recover faster is Epsom salt. You can get this from
Walmart or any drugstore. Just put some in and just bathe it in for maybe 20, 30 minutes. Just hot water. You’ll see that your
muscles recover faster. This is something that’s
very, very useful. Now if you enjoy these
workouts, comment below. Let me know how tough they are. Maybe you tell me, “Man,
Dan, I got the burn machine. This thing burns!” Or the isometrics. “Oh man, I couldn’t even
do 20 seconds of it.” Awesome, that’s how you get good. So leave a comment below. Also let me know what
other workout exercises that you want to see. Or maybe you want to
suggest some of the workouts that’s working for you. So other people, other
fans that watch my video, they can also benefit from
your experience as well. If this is the first time
you’re watching my video, you’re like, “Who is this Dan Lok guy?” Hit the button below. I upload video every single day. Believe me, you’ll learn a lot
about who I am and what I do. You wanna watch my other videos, you can play my videos on the left. I have a lot of videos, hundreds of videos that you can watch. Until next time, keep working
out, keep getting good. Be water, my friend. – Be water, my friend.

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  2. Thank you Dan, I found this very helpful. Somehow I've been doing different styles of push ups for quite few years intuitively, as I wanted to build myself firm in overall. Now the best advice I picked up from you today is that last piece of equipment you've shown, that's absolutely great mechanism which can help to develop a lot of great aligned movements, even better that it trains the both arms simultaneously. I pay you my respect and wish you a great health and success in your life. I've already subscribed. You're such a smart man and full of energy. I'm just a Wing Chun student from Czech Republic, more known as a music producer. If you want some decent music for your channel (background music) contact me please on my email [email protected] and we will discuss it. It be free of charge, just to help you a bit as well. Power, peace, honour.

  3. What I really like, that your videos always do give something more and important key infos , which other people's videos don't.

  4. So glad I found your channel Dan. Your demos and tips are very clear , precise and thorough. Best I have ever seen. You inspire me to get off the couch and practice. Thank you so much!

  5. hi dan im a big fan of Bruce lee and like i said we are of the same mind I'm in Cali. if you in the Fontana let me know so we can meet over lunch.

  6. Enjoying the videos. I studied with a Grandmaster Lenchus of the Legend Karate, for a very short time; but the thing I learned from him was that there is a crazy difference between anyone on the street; and someone who's studied years and years; and then that someone whose dedication and ability actually reaches the masterful.

    What I see mostly, is that people throw up videos based on opinion. That's great… it's good to see what people think; but to take instruction from these videos – a very dangerous thing. I'm not a great martial artist or even a good one, I'd say… but I understand pursuing something until excellence. I try to watch only from the best of the best; but that can be incredibly difficult to do; because how do you rate someone's actual ability; when your own ability is so low? EVERYTHING pretty much looks good to the beginner.

    This is the problem that I have run into. The one thing I would heartily agree on, though, is that the style of martial art and even the techniques themselves, aren't near as important as the will to win, and the experience of any individual fighter.

    One thing martial arts cannot teach you… at least the watered down version of the martial arts we see in America, today, is how to fight well even when you get hit and knocked down, and you're tired, or you sprain something, or your head is ringing. No martial art; no matter how supposedly complete a system it might be, can teach one to be able to effectively meet EVERY eventuality. This is something that grows within you…. a kind of fluidity and a sense of what is ABOUT to happen; and this takes time.

    I'm studying with a Kali teacher at the moment. Some special forces guy. And I could say, compared to me and most people I've seen… he's amazing; but I still wouldn't know. However; something that I took from him was the idea of building ATTRIBUTES. This is different than learning a series of techniques… it is about growing KEY characteristics such as SPEED, POWER, REFLEXES (what Dan was talking about when he spoke in other videos about the idea of your neurology), FLUIDITY, BALANCE, FOOTWORK, UNDERSTANDING OF OPENINGS and HOW TO CAUSE A PERSON TO MORE READILY OPEN A CERTAIN AREA OF THEIR BODY, TIMING, SWITCHING UP RHYTHM… the list can go on and on; but as each of these increase, that supplement one another; and you as a fighter become better and better, faster and faster.

    Something that I really admired about Bruce Lee, is that he would test himself against someone and then come away with an idea of how to improve himself. One of his key attributes was incredible honesty with regard to where he actually was. So many of us, OVER ESTIMATE our abilities; because we haven't actually been tested by many different people. It's all well and good to say, 'Ok, throw a punch with your left hand; and I'm going to do this; and that, and then this next thing' – But to be able to EXECUTE when someone is really out to punch your lights out, or take your wallet, or pulls a gun on you, or a couple of kids smack you over the head with a skateboard, or someone smashes a bottle and goes to slit your throat… THESE are REAL EXPERIENCES; and it's very difficult to train for them. They arise and are over in a matter of seconds. All that conditioning that you did for months and years on end, does you NO GOOD if you can't ADAPT TO ANY GIVEN SITUATION – This being one of the many reasons why Bruce Lee was against being locked into any ONE style or even a set of them.

    When I was a kid, I didn't know how to fight. But there was this tall, fat kid that would pick on me at the bus stop. He was in my same class; and one day, at recess, I had had enough. I crouched down behind one of the openings to low lying chain link fence, and when I saw him turn his head away from me, I sprinted forward, sprang up, and grabbed his head, just under the chin, in a fierce bear hug, throwing all of my weight to the ground as hard as I could.

    We both got hurt; but he never bothered me again after that. Nobody taught me how to do that. Don't know if it even qualifies as martial arts; but you better believe it was EFFECTIVE.

    Bruce Lee didn't care about what LOOKED GOOD. He cared about what was EFFECTIVE; and I believe he would have slapped me on the back and said something like, "Good going!", had he seen my strange attack.

    I would suggest that before people get carried away with the power and elegance of martial arts; that they get into a few real fights, first. Barring that, take boxing lessons and get punched in the head, in the stomach, in the kidneys, get knocked out, get a bloody nose, and ringing in the head. This will better prepare you for being able to discern what is 'Flash and Trash' – a saying that Grandmaster Lenchus was fond of saying – and what is TRULY effective.

    Thanks for your videos, Dan. I came to them via two of your Ted Talks on success. Please take what I have to say in the spirit it was intended… to warn people that Youtube videos are not near enough training to make you a good fighter. And that MOST times, those training videos actually teach you things that could get you severely hurt.

    I believe that is not your intention, Dan; and that you take great care in producing these videos in such a way that people realize that, though, informative, if they REALLY want to become good at the martial arts; they will most likely have to go through extended training under a master.

    Be well.

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  8. Very nice. But dont punch with your pinky nuckle regardless of what style or system. " A punch is a punch" – Bruce Lee

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  11. No offense but this is poor punching, wing chun as you know follows the straight line of focus, and NEVER NEVER fully extends the arm. The arm must remain bent you are not throwing a full punch. But the rest of it was entertaining to watch.

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