5 benefits of Meditation for your body

five ways in which meditation benefits
the human body researchers believe that meditation is
one of the most constructive habits for health it not only improves anxiety
symptoms by 60% but also relieves insomnia in 70% of individuals here are
five major benefits of meditation to the human body
number one relieves stress to date one of the most effective ways to manage
stress is mindful meditation which instantly reverses the impact of stress
hormones and reduces their levels the core concept behind it is being vigilant
of the moment which in turn instills a sense of serenity in the mind meditation
works in the opposite manner to stress by triggering the body’s relaxation
response it restores the body to a karma state assisting the body to repair
itself and preventing the physiological damage caused by the physical effects of
stress several studies have found out certain alterations in the brains of
avid meditators that are linked to decreased reactivity towards both acute
and chronic stress number two improve sleep several kinds
of meditation such as guided and concentration meditation are known to
combat insomnia and relieve symptoms related to poor sleep hygiene a study
published in je ma international medicine states that individuals who
regularly meditated over a period of six weeks experienced lesser sleep problems
including insomnia than individuals who didn’t the relaxation response induced
by meditation is a deep physiological shift that relieves stress related
symptoms and the person experiences improved and comparatively uninterrupted
sleep niro scientists believe that meditation strengthens brain regions
associated with sleep boosts the brainwaves of sleep and enhances healthy
melatonin levels that promote restful sleep
number three enhances brain function scientific studies have proven that
focus attention and working memory capacity are all greatly enhanced in
individuals who meditate regularly according to research conducted at
Harvard University after only eight weeks of mindful meditation participants
reaped several benefits related to brain health including growth of the
hippocampus insula and prefrontal cortex the brain regions linked to learning
memory and cognitive function meditation also increases the neural gray matter
thickness improving brain performance advancing emotional intelligence and
raising the overall IQ it also boosts insights along with improving both short
and long term memory as the frontal brain lobe becomes more active during
mindfulness number four promotes heart health meditation has also been proven
to be advantageous in reducing the risk of cardiovascular illnesses this is
because the practice not only relieves stress and prevents hypertension or
abnormally high blood pressure but also prevents insulin resistance contributing
to prevention of cardiovascular disease moreover meditation inhibits
irregularity in heart rate preventing arrhythmias and also reduces the release
of hormones hazardous to the heart several studies have linked meditation
to improved blood flow in coronary arteries and improved function of the
cardiac muscle due to consistent blood pressure regulation the deeper standing
rest state increases stress resistance and hence lowers the risk of stress
induced cardiac arrest and stroke number five improves the immune system recent
research explores that mindful meditation increases telomerase activity
which promotes the stability of chromosomes and prevents their
degeneration which is the most common cause of cancer and
mature aging furthermore meditation significantly reduces inflammatory
markers resulting in improved immune function and lesser chances of
inflammatory diseases meditation also promotes the synthesis of cd4 cells
which act as the immune systems helper cells that enhance cell mediated
immunity meditators are known to have an increased number of antibodies that help
combat against pathogenic virus bacteria and other foreign agents meditation also
amplifies activity in brain regions that command the immune system practice
meditation regularly to reach its endless benefits we are doing our bit to
educate you with these common health issues do your part by sharing this
video with your friends and social circle if you want us to cover a
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