47 Savasana Corpse Pose – Yoga

Hard Pose to master… savasana corpse pose page 134 now it’s
not technically challenging this one literraly lie supine head down
legs away for the body arms away from body palms up and just lie there you can use
this more than meditation or degree wax and the put it in the comment section of
a confined there there’s an ancient Indian text of vegan Tantra was for
Shiva speak into puppets about 112 meditations and in there’s one of the
meditations in which you can reach enlightenment and that is from the
corpse pose or even the corpse pose but actually the more about visualizing
yourself as a corpse or throbbing regions the vast will be a very good one
to do that meditation in really just visualizing yourself imagining you know
just the conscious soul in the corpse the I mean that meditation being you
withdrawing from your senses because obviously of course hasn’t got my
sensors you can hear speak to touch move and you are lying literally like a dead
body like a corpse no movement there at all so you can focus and concentrate on
meditate and that’s savasana also be straight forward from it a challenging
point of view I will be faithful

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