56 thoughts on “45 Minute Hatha Yoga Class (Pure love!)

  1. I’ve just finished you Hatha Yoga Happiness program and now, I’m a happiest girl ☺️ I’m looking forward to January 😃 thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏻

  2. Mam do you know how much I love hatha yoga practice!… In every yoga video u always make me so happy.. Thank you so much mam for sharing this… My next practise.. Love you mam.. 🙏🧘‍♀️♥️

  3. Great practice Lesley, That’s why Fightmaster yoga is best for me. I always feel good about myself after doing your class.

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  5. Looking slim and trim! How’d you do it? My 50’s surprised me with nice donut around my waist that I cannot get rid of

  6. Nice class, felt like 20 minutes! 🙂 I was wondering, could you make more yoga videos for practicing in the evening, before going to bed? Thank you <3

  7. Thank you so much for sharing Lesley you are so great at your workout it's always good to see you every week practicing i'll see you next week take care

  8. I would love to do a 45 minute Hatha Yoga session, but I am sick! I've had a cold for a week and this would kill me. Which brings me to my question… What kinds of yoga stretches do you do when you are sick with a cold? Maybe you can do a video inspired by what to do when you are under the weather.

  9. Thank you so much for this wonderful class Lesley and Duke, it was just what I needed today! 💗🙏🏻 And so happy to hear you’re doing a sequel to the Hatha Yoga Happiness program, I’m already looking forward to it! Big cuddle to the kitties 😻

  10. I enrolled for my YTT today! They were doing one free so I went with hatha 1 and hatha 2 advanced. That's the first step Lesley and I'm so excited! It was tough to choose which one as my freebie, I did fancy zen yoga but I've got plenty time and because it's at home courses I can do them as I'm teaching and getting experience. Thanks Lesley, I'm so grateful for everything I've learned from you. Love and light 🧘‍♀️💜🧘‍♀️💜

  11. I was feeling a bit sore and tight when I woke up this morning…this was a great class to bring some energy to my body in a gentle way. Thanks!

  12. Great practice, Lesley! Clear instructions. I love the sound of your voice. It’s always a joyful day when I take my practice with you!! 🙏💕🙏

  13. The best yoga channel out there! One more amazing sequence leaving you feeling revitalized and happy. Thank you Lesley ❤

  14. I love the Hatha Yoga for Happiness Series. I am so glad there will be a sequel next year 🙂 Thank you so much Lesley! Love you 🙂

  15. Great class. I loved the sequencing plus the slower pace which allowed me to be more aware of the positioning of each body part. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering us these classes on you tube. Namaste❤❤❤

  16. Hey Leslie, thank you for sharing this video…. it was a great experience practicing it.love the shade of your lipstick, do you mind sharing the brand and shade

  17. What a great and challenging class. I Feel sooo good now😇 I love the 45 minutes once in a while. We can take more time. Thank you Lesley 💖

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