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  1. Beautiful Emerson quote! Loved today's practice Lesley – you ALWAYS bring us fresh practices that never get old! You're the BEST! Peace & Namaste 🙂

  2. It seems everyone was on the same page this Monday – lots of gratitude for hip openers!! Thanks Lesley!

  3. Maybe it was just me but the beginning felt a bit slow and the end a bit rushed… I would've enjoyed deeper leg stretches toward the end. But otherwise an enjoyable class as always, thank you 🙂

  4. Lesley! Thank You so much for this practice! I loved it! But I have a question, what other prop can I use for my knee? I always pad it up with a thick blanket but it still hurts! If you have another trick for this please let me know. Thank you again for this practice, lots of love from Mexico ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Just what I needed today, how did you know?? Great pace as i've had some lower back issues so just getting strong again…thanks. xx

  6. Leslie I really enjoyed this practice! It felt great overall and I will spread joy today! Bendiciones!

  7. This hit the spot for me this morning. I thoroughly enjoy your flows and style. They provide enough "challenge" to stimulate my growth and most certainly grounds me into my presence. Thanks so much!

  8. HI Lesley I have a question about your upcoming ashtanga program, I'm still new to ashtanga and I want to practice it more about at the same time there are a lot of poses that I'm not ready to do. I've seen ashtanga yoga videos before and they look very acrobatic poses in very beautiful forms. But at the same time they look very difficult to do that I don't know if I will ever get to that level. Is there going to be like an easy version in the program or like tutorial on how to do the moves? I really want to get into ashtanga but im still struggling with certain poses like, headstands, splits, backbends and especially the crow pose I'm still practicing but it is hard. As always your videos never fail and I still practice every day. Thank you. Namaste.

  9. Thank you. Another lovely upload. I wish you a great day on our beautiful Flat Earth 🙂

  10. Thank you for this class it really help me to open my hips! I am so happy that I found your channel and I am glad about every video you gave to us! Namaste

  11. Totally made my day. Took a load off my shoulders. Gentle and effective. Loved the quote. Spread the joy. Thank you.

  12. This was shuch a wonderful practice 😀 You have so many nice practices , but sometimes i miss practices where staying in the poses a bit longer (5-10 breaths) to have time focusing on the breath and inner feeling in the poses. I found the ashtanga practices, and they where good for that purpose! 😀 Do you have any more of them?:)

  13. I have practiced yoga now for 1,6 years and trough my journey I have practiced it under many youtube teachers and then moved on. I discovered that almost the most important element of choosing yoga from youtube channel is teacher. I am glad I found Fightmaster yoga because these yoga flows suits me most of the time with every mood and mornings now for 6 months. Lesley`s voice is so calming and powerful on the same time- so enjoyable 🙂 . Happy mother`s Day and wish you the best!

  14. Lesley thank you for a wonderful practice. I loved the flow and the hip openers were so needed this morning. <3 Namaste

  15. Oh my, when we sweeped our arms above our heads and dragged them down opening the chest (i hope you understand this explanation haha) it just felt so delicious!!! Namaste

  16. Completed this last Saturday, after day 64 of my YogaFix90 second round. Great class, as always, thank you Lesley! 🙂

  17. I have cramps today and I was like "what yoga should I do?" then I saw this video and MY GOD best decision ever! I feel so much better now! THANK YOU LESLEY! You're awesome and this class was so relaxing and beautiful!

  18. Yet another one that is going to my favourites 🙂 Thank you! Also, I have read and heard that people get emotional when practising hip openers but for me that has never happened (maybe because I have always been flexible in that area & the back bends). However, I have noticed that as I'm becoming better and better in yoga it’s getting more and more difficult for me to switch off my mind unless I'm doing some very advanced and difficult postures. Initially when I started 6 months ago my mind was blank during the entire session, now that happens only when I'm really challenging myself 🙁 How would I go about that – concentration escapes me?

  19. I had such an awakening during this session. I cannot tell you how valuable it was. Thank you, Leslie <3

  20. One of my favourite classes! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your classes! Watching you all the way from Malaysia! Also, I was hoping you'd do a class on clearing energy blockages? I've been reading about them and I've been hoping you'd do some!

    You really delighted my days, changed my life and improve my practice !
    Thank you once again Awesome Lady :):)!!!!

  22. wonderful, thanks! i've been feeling a lot of tensiom in my hips lately so will continue with these and other hip openers. thanks again!

  23. I'm back! I stopped for a while. I've tried in studio sessions for a few months. But I realized your sessions are better in many ways. Thank you for sharing online👍☺️💐

  24. Great class Lesley! I do a lot of walking, hiking and then sit all day. All of that plays on my hips… thank you for this excellent class today.

  25. This was such a lovely calming class! Thank you Lesley. I always feel so much more clear-headed and relaxed when I've practiced with you <3

  26. I've been doing yoga with you for a while now and something that never gets old – in fact I feel like I appreciate it more and more with each practice – is your ending words that I can recite with you. So thank you (:

  27. I love Lesley Fightmaster. I can always count on any of your videos giving a great workout and I leave with a happy open heart! Thank you again <3

  28. I love this hip opener, badly need this after a long day on my feet! As to nausea with yoga, I sometimes get that too, due to being upside down a lot, I think. I do better if I have just a small bit of food, like a bit of toast and tea, before I begin.

  29. I struggle with chronic lower back and hip pain and this practice really helped! I like that it was nice and gentle, especially since I am recovering from illness. I was wondering if you have any or could do any other restorative yoga for illness recovery or back pain? Thank you very much! Love your classes!!

  30. That was perfect! Since I've been very sad the past couple of days I realized that I was holding a lot of that in my hips! It was nice to work that out

  31. V good video..to me a sign of a good teacher is one who is willing to take a step back and use props, blocks etc to show the right form, rather than trying to showoff some advance poses…high respect for your teaching style..great work!!!

  32. You are an incredibly mindful and well taught yoga teacher. I'd love to see a class from you with exclusively sanskrit terms. Is that possible? I'm a yoga teacher as well and am trying to become fluent, I think that would be a huge help. Namaste;)

  33. i was so confused today for no reason. i have bpd and bipolar disorder. and its under control with raw vegan lifestyle and yoga practices everyday. even though i practiced this morning like every morning.. i did this video now. and i feel a whole lot better. thank you so much.

  34. This is my favourite of your videos… I really enjoy starting my morning with this! Side note: Air's album Moon Safari is the perfect music to have on in the background! Thank you.

  35. I love the way you end your classes, the quotes, the clear and loving thoughts, intentions and communication. Thank you!

  36. Thanks for a great class! I really enjoyed the pace of this class- allowed me to relax into the postures but keep active. Loved it!

  37. Thank you so much. I have done some of your yoga classes and they all work for me. I can find the balance in every move. I feel better now. You did a great job.

  38. Ver nice practice, i finaly calme back to practicing with you, i enjoyed a lot and love your kind way to guide us, thanks forr sharing, namaste.

  39. Great sequence .. warming up .. peak .. then stretch .
    It was intense detox yoga class for me . Thank u 🙏🏻

  40. Thanks for this video! I had to take a break from the 30 day challenge as I am sick with some respiratory stuff so I am really enjoying these more relaxing classes. Very great stretch!

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