3 Best Exercises to Remove DOUBLE CHIN Quickly- How Double Chin can be Reduced Permanently-TRY THIS

Sukoon Physical Therapy reached 10,000 subscribers. Thank You all of you for love and support Thank you for liking and sharing our videos we always try to update health related information on this channel Let’s start today’s video We will talk about double chin reduction in this video I will tell you 3 best exercises to reduce double chin Posting pictures on social media is very trending these days like facebook and instagram we all upload selfies- in which our face is more focussed and our double chin shows in it which is very irritating for girls and boys Lets talk first- How and Why DOUBLE CHIN produced? The main reason of double chin is- inactiveness of platysma muscle Platysma muscle starts from mandible (lower jaw) and attatches to collar bone When the platysma muscle becomes weak and skin becomes loose, then it appears as double chin To reduce Double Chin- In the first exercise Raise the head upwards, neck goes in extension then position the lower lip in kissing position towards roof This is also called as gorilla lip position or kissing a baby Keep your lips in this kissing position for 15 seconds Repeat this exercise 3 times and you will feel stretch under your chin and front part of neck In second exercise- we will do contraction of platysma muscle means origin and insertion point of muscle comes closer The function of platysma muscle is to move the lower lip or jaw outer or downwards This is clenching of lower jaw and collar bone Facial muscles always function with expressions and the expression you need in this exercise is- when u look at dirty food or unlike something In this exercise- platysma muscle contracts and skin gets toned This is very important exercise to reduce double chin Third Exercise is Chewing Gum exercise In chewing gum exercise our platysma muscle works efficiently by contraction and relaxation due to opening and closing of mouth while chewing This leads to skin tightening and reducing double chin The important thing to do while chewing gum is Stick the chewing gum on the upper palate of mouth (roof of mouth)with your tongue push and hold the tongue upwards to the roof of mouth for 10 seconds It helps in strengthening of anterior neck (front neck) muscles This exercise is also helpful for neck pain reduction because strengthening of anterior neck muscles helps in maintaining good neck posture These 3 exercises will help to reduce double chin Share this video with friends who have double chin and they are fond of clicking selfies Like this video and subscribe this channel for healthy information

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  1. Sir mera face ka bone bhut bera hy ..aurr jawline ka bejeshh but bera dkta hyy kese face ka jaw line ko kamkere …

  2. 🙏🙏… Sir mai aapse req. Krunga k ek problem bht kmm hai yahaan pe… Sir vo hai under chin cramps. Under chin k muscles pain hone lgti hai nigalne me takleef bolne me bcz sir mai sing krta hu aur hard hard sa mehsoos hota h us jagah pr hi iritation khull k nhi gaapata.etc . Singing me bhi bht dikkatein Sir iske baare me aap btaayein jroor ….. Sir aap hamari help kroge mai umeed kru. So plz sir iske baare me btaayein as a req.. 🙏

  3. Wrong..🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️
    Spot reduction is impossible.. means you can't reduce fat on specific muscle.. if want to lose fat from neck or any other muscle.. you have to loss you're all over body fat percentage.. and then you lose fat from neck and all over body.

  4. Yours videos are very useful for all to add subscriber more I will advise to load your videos at least two language Hindi & English.

  5. Doctor saab, pls help..mere neck ke SCM muscle mein dono taraf trigger points hai 2 saal se..koi bhi position bohot der tak hold nahi kar pata..kya aap iska koi treatment bata sakte hain..ek doctor ne dry needling bhi bola hai par kya wo neck region mein safe hoga ya aur koi treatment hai..pls suggest..thanks

  6. Thanks you sir…. Me apka video kuchi din hua dekh na starte Kia he….apka video bahat a6a lagta he…. Or mujha bahat help be hota he…. Thanks you sir..

  7. Yrr ek baat batao koi bhi cheez khij ke lambi hoti hai to fir exercise krne mai khichaav hota hai yo double chin aur bhadega

  8. Sabse phli btt toh sir, diet agr diet follown hi krenge toh yeh excirces krne k koi fyda nhi..so plz sir ap btiyee ki hum apne diet me kya le aur nahi

  9. Sir, I would like to know that if we send a message on your number on whatsapp for some advice, then do we have to pay a y fees or is it free.

  10. बहुत बढ़िया वीडियो….ये जानकारी बहुत ही काम की है

  11. please…dose these exercise works with double chin cause by the age…i mean a /Turky neck..!!and how long does it take to get rid of double chin..????

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