100 thoughts on “25 Best Cricut Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts, Hacks, & Hidden Features

  1. I loved the video, so many great tips. It really is intimidating. I hope I do half as well as you. I love making things for others. I loved all the tips and tricks.

  2. Great tips and tricks!! I love the one using the slap bracelet to keep vinyl rolls orderly and also the Aluminum ball to clean blades. Thanks, Jennifer for sharing so many wonderful tips! I need to get your book so I can have it handy. You're the Best!

  3. Wishing, wishing, wishing for a cricut. I've been watching all your tutorials and dreaming about all the things I can do with it especially in my classroom.

  4. How would you add new names to an existing hunting cabin plaque, made of wood. we would like to add additional names of new hunters, to the wood, without disturbing the other names, maybe a removable metal plate, that could easily be changed, removed again for others?

  5. WOW! Just wow. So much useful information. Thank you and thank you for the quick tips book freebie too.
    I would like to see more about HTV. I have made quite a few shirts, but I've noticed that they don't always hold up like I would like. Peeling, curling, etc.
    I keep avoiding using HTV because I don't want a gift or a sold item falling apart. Embarrassing. Truth be told, I'd watch a video on paint drying if you made one 🤗

  6. Oh thought of something else, sorry. Maybe a video on how to take your kids drawings or handwriting that you can import into CDS and then use to make shirts, etc.

  7. I would like to see something on fonts! What is the best way to keep them organized! I think in a project that is what takes up the most time.

  8. I don't have a cricut but I would love to see more videos for beginners. I am sure most beginners get overwhelm with all the exciting this you can do with a cricut. I just can't wait to afford one. thanks for all the tips and tutorials you provide for us. continue with the excellent job your doing Jennifer Maker.

  9. Thank you Jennifer for all of the tips and tricks! My favorites are the storage ideas! I love the slap stick idea and will definitely be using that! My next project is figuring out a good way to store and easily display used HTV and Vinyl sheets not on rolls. 🤔🤔

  10. Hi Jennifer, you have taught me so much, thank you. I love the tips about cleaning your mats with baby wipes, I had no idea. Most important tip for me was that I could make a second cut if I don't remove the mat, that's awesome news. Thank you for the free ebook! Also, I love the Playbook!! Thank you!

  11. Thanks for the videos. I just found you a few days ago. Unfortunately my computer had a glitch and I could not register for some of your giveaways

  12. Thanks to you and your team for all the tips! Would you include some help tips for the easy press mini on settings and when to use each? Mahalo🌴

  13. Hello I am a novice maker (happy and anxious) Ive heard of software, can you recommend the best ones. I am very interest in monogram pillow covers!

  14. I have a bunch of old mats that have lost the stickiness. I tried your baby wipe trick and it worked like a charm! I'm so happy.. I was about to buy more mats, but these will last me for a while now. Thank you!! Jennifer, can you teach us what program/software is needed to make 3D cut files? I mean, if you want to make a 3d item, how does one visualize how that item will look flat, so that it can be designed correctly?

  15. Hi Jennifer. I really appreciate you sharing all your knowledge with us as you do. My favorite tips and tricks is the one one about cleaning your blade by pushing it into a foil ball. That is super! You are awesome.

  16. One thing I would like to know is how to make sure you have the right size for your project. It would be nice to have a cheat sheet. Like the glass ornaments. I felt that my words were too big for the 3 inch ball or even for my appliances. I just eyeball all my stuff.

  17. You truly are amazing person! You are very patient and detail oriented! You make it very easy for crafters to learn new projects!

  18. These are great tips!! Thank you for all your videos, and all your tireless work! 😅 Happy holidays to you and your family!

  19. This is going to be soooooo helpful! I got a new Explore Air 2, but haven't opened it up yet. I haven't used a Cricut since my mom had the one with the cartridges. This makes me want to craft and make everything! 👩🏼‍🎨🖼🎨🧵

  20. Jennifer I loved the Cricut Shortcuts video – especially the ideas for making my own pin to weed vinyl and making a 3-D tool storage from a 3-D printer. I just have to load cardstock into my printer and download the booklet now to go with the other Cricut booklet I bought from you. Thanks for all you do for the crafting world.

  21. I am at a loss for where to turn… if this is wrong delete it..

    I ordered the maker today. I want to give my Explorer Air2 to my daughter. But because I CANNOT get the score issue worked out on my Explorer Air2, l am reluctant to do that! The pens hold but not the stylus. The adapter is sold out, which tells me I’m not the only only having this issue!

  22. The paper on back of glitter paper stuck to mat, but as it cut letters the letters curled up and got stuck under cutting carriage. Making letters unusable.

  23. A video on tablet or phone usage. Such things as your 3 dots to move everything to print on one mat. Nice to know if can be done on non desktop or non iOS products.

  24. Oh No!!! I always miss these give aways!!! 🙁 I would have LOVED to win an easy press! Congrats to all who win anyway. Jennifer, thank you for all of your wonderful projects, hints and tips!

  25. Two video I would love for you to tackle is I need to learn how to change a photo into a svg file. The reason why is that my brother has a new business and I have his business card with its logo and I would like to cut it out to make a shirt or a cup with the logo. The other video I am interested in is how to use cricut window cling because I would love to make the logo of my dad favorite motorcycle company for in his car. Anything is appreciated, thank you for all your hard work and continual inspiration. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  26. I just received my Cricut Maker as a gift and really find the information in this video helpful. I purchased the Cricut Coach Playbook and I'm finding that very useful, too. I'm still a little intimidated but hopeful that I will be able to create some of the wonderful projects I've seen in the Facebook posts. Thank you!!!

  27. Thanks for the awesome tips and tricks AND for the free download of all of them! You have made my crafting with Cricut even better!

  28. I think you should stress the importance of using the correct mat for the project for best results. I see many questions on FB with pictures of the problems people are having and immediately notice they have use the wrong mat for the material. I noticed you don't tell which mat to use in your videos.

  29. My sister in law just got me a cricut air 2 for Christmas and I’ve been trying to find easy beginners videos, I love all these ideas I’ll start following you! I can’t wait to use my cricut!!! Do you can any beginner tips for using design space? Or uploading images?

  30. This channel is such a great asset to any Cricut user! I subscribed to your newsletter and I'm very excited to be a part of your blog! Love your videos 👍💞

  31. I love watching your videos. I have recently downloaded the Cricut Coach Playbook and the free download that was emailed to me for the Cricut Tips and Tricks for free. I have used my Cricut Explore Air 2 about 4 times because I feel like the Cricut is so intimidating. I’ve tried so hard to figure out to create my own stickers in Design Space and I can’t seem to measure my patterns out properly. I have the Cricut acetate sheets and the Cricut sticker paper. I don’t want to waste the sticker or acetate papers because they’re expensive. Do you have any tips for me? Also, I want to buy the Cricut infusible ink. Does it work on the Cricut explore air 2? Eventually I’d like to buy the Cricut maker but I just can’t justify paying $430 plus tax here in Canada for the machine. I really do hope your books will help me as I’ve watched a whole bunch of Cricut tutorials and I got lost not even midway. 🤦‍♀️

  32. Thanks for this video, I have a Cricut Explore Air and is not using it to it's full potential. I'm planning on changing that in 2020 and watching your video's will help immensely!

  33. When I’m transferring images, especially small ones, using clear contact paper, I often have a very hard time making everything stick to the contact paper. Any tips regarding that? Also, I only use an ipad for all things cricut and would love to hear those instructions too. I’m curious how many other people use their ipad or iphone??

  34. thank you again Jennifer. I love all the tips, partivularly how to keep your mats sticky…PS I do not have a cricket. You can bet I have entered they draw…

  35. Thank you for this! I bought myself a cricut for Christmas and was really overwhelmed because I had no idea where to start and these tips were super helpful!

  36. That idea for using a wet wipe container to put all the weeded cuts into is great! I'm going to use that next time for sure! Also, the contact paper on the fabric mat is brilliant. I was so sad that mine was horribly dirty after one felt project and I still haven't been able to get it all off.l Thank you for all the great tips!

  37. i saw this the day you posted it and saved it to my watch later because it was bedtime. i watched it tonight and did not realize there was a giveaway going. day late and dollar short. lol. i'm determined to win a cricut!

  38. Thank you, Jennifer. It seems I knew about almost all of what you present here except the pink mat hack, because I really don't cut fabric. However, it's good to know about for future use. Such a great video, all in all.

  39. I HATE curly vinyl! Lol I used your tip from another video that said to use a GIANT portfolio and when I get new vinyl, I quickly slide it in there so that tomorrow I am ready to use a nice FLAT piece! Thank you for your videos!

  40. Thank you for your tips. I am very new to this and can use all the tips I can get. I'll be watching your posts regularly .

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