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– [Lesley] Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga. This is YogaFix30, day two and it’ll be a core focused day. We’re in beautiful sunny
San Juan Capistrano. We’re gonna start our
practice sitting nice and tall with an affirmation from Louise Hay. I now choose to create a life
that is joyful and abundant. I am at ease. I encourage you to say that more than once throughout your day. I choose to create a life
that is joyful and abundant. I am now at ease. And then make your way
slowly onto your back. Make sure you have two blocks and a strap handy today and every day. And then extend the legs, just a little review from yesterday, just notice your spine. Now bring your right knee into your chest. Start to circle right
ankle in one direction. And then in the other direction. Inhale, extend the right leg up. Hold on behind the thigh
or you can hold on down by the calf or foot but
draw that right hip forward. You can even use your strap on the ball of your right foot if you’d like. But continue to draw the right hip forward and make sure the left leg stays active. Draw the knee in again. Now, lift left leg off the floor, lift your head and
shoulders off the floor. You can extend the arms forward or hold your head up with your hands if your neck bothers you. Draw the belly in as you breathe. Just a couple breaths then inhale, extend the right leg straight up, keep the head and shoulders off the floor, keep the left leg off the floor, holding, holding, holding, keep breathing. And then inhale, lift all the way up. Exhale, lower down. If you can, inhale to lift, exhale, lower slowly. Inhale and lift up to seated. Now bend both knees
into Navasana boat pose. Lift the chest, perhaps, extend the arms up by the ears. That’s harder than I
thought it was gonna be so if it’s too much, keep
the arms by your sides. Slowly, slowly make your
way all the way down on to your back. Hug your left knee into your chest, circle left ankle in one
direction, and reverse it. Now, if any of these moves
bother your lower back, please back off. Take care of your body always. Inhale, extend the left leg
up, hold on behind the thigh, or you can reach down by
the ankle or the foot. You can even hold the toe
or you could use a strap. But draw that left hip
forward so hips are level. Keep pointing right toes
up toward the ceiling to keep the right leg active, and then bend the left
knee, hug it into the chest, right leg off the floor, lift head and shoulders off the floor, pull the belly in as you breathe here. You can hold on or reach
the fingertips forward or cradle the head in your
hands, but do keep breathing. As you lift up, look
up toward the ceiling. Inhale, extend the left leg up. Straighten it out as much as you can. Keep the right leg off the floor. Draw the belly in and up and inhale. Lift up some more, maybe touch
the hands behind the leg. Exhale, come almost down but not quite. Again, inhale, lift. Exhale, lower. Last one, inhale, lift. Now we’ll stay up and
both knees into boat pose. Lift the chest, arms by your legs or reach them up by the ears. You can even take your hands
behind your knees and hold, perhaps, straighten out
the legs if you can. Keep breathing. Then arms by your sides,
cross your shins, roll forward and make your way onto hands and knees, wrists under shoulders, knees under hips. Inhale, drop the belly,
lift chin and tailbone up. Exhale, round the back,
press away from the floor, chin to our chest. And again, inhale, widen across
the collarbones, look up. Exhale, round the back,
just warming up the spine and come to a neutral spine. Extend right leg back, lift
it from the inner thigh, drop the outer hip down. Reach left arm forward, draw
your ribs and belly in and up as you stretch to the arm in the leg. Try to keep your hips nice and level. And exhale, bring elbow and
knee right on the center slowly like you’re moving through water. Inhale, reach out. Exhale, again, slowly like
you’re moving through water, round the back as you bring
me an elbow to center. Inhale, extend. Exhale, draw it in. This is great for strengthening the back. Inhale, reach out. Keep the leg up, tuck the toes under, keep the hands down and
then right knee into chest then inhale, plank pose, top of a push-up. Exhale, left knee to chest. Inhale, plank. Hold your plank, knees could
be down here if you like and then do bring both knees down. Wrists under shoulders, knees under hips, extend the left leg back. Lift it from the inner thigh,
drop the outer hip down. Watch that your back doesn’t over arch. Remember the neutral spine from yesterday. Right arm forward, stretch out
through the arm and the leg. Point the toes straight down to the floor and that’ll help to keep the hips level. Keep the ribs and belly moving in and up. Exhale, draw the knee in, draw
the elbow and round the back. Inhale, extend through the arm and leg, drop the outer left hip down. Exhale, draw it in. Inhale slowly like you’re
moving through water, use your own resistance. Exhale, bring it to center. Inhale, reach out, extend. Now, take the right hand down,
tuck the left toes under. Take a breath in, exhale,
right knee to chest. Inhale, plank. Exhale, left knee to chest. Inhale, plank. Holding plank here, slowly lower all the
way down to the floor. Knees can come down first. Untuck the toes. Bring your arms alongside your body. Now roll your shoulders up, inhale, lift into Shalabhasana, lift the legs from the inner thighs. Keep the belly pulling
away from the floor, sitting bones to heels. Back of the neck stays long. And then release and rest. Keep your breath nice and steady here as you take your arms alongside again. Lift the shoulder, head, lift everything up into Shalabhasana. Inhale, legs apart. Exhale, squeeze them together. Inhale, take them apart. Exhale, squeeze again like
you’re moving through water. Inhale to extend. Exhale, squeeze them together. Inhale, open them apart. Exhale, squeeze and then
rest everything down. So now we’re gonna do
something with the arms and then we’re gonna
put those two together. But first, hands by low ribs. Come into cobra and upward
dog or stay with cobra. Tuck the toes to downward facing dog. Draw the ribs in, belly in and bicycle your legs
in your first down dog. Make sure to spread your fingers wide, press into the base of the fingers. Now bend both knees, hips
high and stretch out. Try to keep your spine really long. So you’re pressing the
weight up to the hips then down through the heels. Arms and ears are in line. Pull up on the kneecaps,
firm the leg muscles, look forward, step your feet up then inhale, hands to shins. Exhale, fold over the legs. Press down to rise up on your inhale. Remember, ribs in, lengthen
through the lower back. Exhale, hands to heart. Now Agni Sara breathing. We’re gonna do this a few times. Hands above knees, take a big
breath in through the nose. Then exhale it all out until
you totally empty of breath. Now, when you’re empty, pull your belly in and up really strongly. Your back will round a little bit. Hold the breath out with
your belly pulling in and up. This is great for toning the abdominals. Release the belly, take an inhale through
the nose, big inhale. Then a big exhale, exhale,
exhale till you’re empty. Pull the belly in and up, hold. It’s wonderful for digestion as well. Hold it, hold it, hold it,
release the belly, inhale. So one more time. Exhale, exhale till you’re totally empty. Then pull the belly in and
up, hold the breath out, draw the chin in a little bit,
rounding the back slightly. Now drop the belly, take a big breath in. Hands to hips, come
all the way up to stand and come to the front of the mat. Inhale, sweep arms up. Exhale, hinge from your hips
and fold over your legs. Inhale, lengthen your spine, look up. Exhale to plank pose, top of a push-up. Slowly, slowly bend to the
elbows, knees can be down here. Slowly, slowly, shoulders
no lower than elbows, then upward dog on your inhale. Then back to plank pose. And slowly lift the hips
into downward facing dog. Arms are shoulders distance, feet, hips width. Then make your way back to plank. Walk your feet together, roll to the pinky toe,
side of the right foot. Lift the left arm up. Right knee can come down for more support, otherwise, bring the left
hip slightly forward, reach sitting bones to heels, draw the ribs and belly in and up. Then make your way back
into plank, feet together. Chaturanga, inhale, upward
facing dog or cobra. Exhale back to plank pose. Feet together, roll to the left side, reach the right arm up. You can take the bottom
knee down for support or bring the right hip slightly forward as you lengthen sitting
bones to heels here. Look up toward the top hand
unless it bothers your neck. Keep the belly pulling in and up. Take the hand back down, come
to plank pose, holding plank. And then right forearm
down, left forearm down into dolphin plank. Elbows are right below shoulders. Feet together or hips width apart but lift the backs, the knees up. Now, walk the feet in as you lift the hips into dolphin pose. Press into your forearms, lift your shoulders away from the ears up toward the waist. Press up to down dog. If that’s too much, come to knees first and then make your way to down dog. Breathe here in down dog then inhale. The right leg back and up, as you exhale, bring it
through by the right hand, left knee down to the floor. Pull the right hip back. Hips level then stretch
up through the arms as you sink your hips forward, lengthen sitting bones
towards the backs of the knees or toward the floor. Keep pulling right hip back. Now, bring your hands, interlace fingers just above your knee, tucking back toes, lift back knee off the
floor then set it down. Exhale, lift it up. If it bothers the knee, then skip it. Exhale, lower. Inhale, lift. Exhale, lower. It’s a really small movement. Inhale, lift but very effective. Exhale, lower. It’s great for the core, for the legs. Come to plank pose. Lower, slow Chaturanga. Slow as you can. Inhale to press into up dog or cobra then exhale, lift the hips
into downward facing dog. Inhale, left leg back and
up from the inner thigh, nice level hips. Exhale, bring it down the center then set it by the left thumb. Take the right knee
down for your low lunge. Pull the left hip out. Keep the back toes tucked under and lift your hip points
toward the low ribs. Stretch through arrow, straight arms. Keep those ribs drawing in. Now, interlace other pinky in the front. Back toes are tucked under. Exhale, lift that knee, just
hover it up and then lower it. Exhale, lift. Now, remember, if it hurts
the knee, don’t do it. Make sure left knee stays over ankle. Exhale, lift. Inhale, lower. Exhale, lift. Inhale, lower. Bring hands to the mat. Come to plank pose. Chaturanga, inhaling upward dog, shoulders above wrist then tuck the toes, downward facing dog, stretch back. If you need a break here,
take the knees down, take a child’s pose and push pause. It’s always, always an option. Otherwise, you’ll look forward and step the feet to the hands or hop. Inhale, look up, lengthen halfway. Fold on your exhale. Press through the feet, rise
up on your inhale, ribs in. Exhale, bring the hands down. Now, we’ll come to tree pose. We’re gonna ground down
through or actually, we’re gonna up balance on the right leg and draw the left knee
in toward the chest. Holding it up, keep shoulders
just above the hips. Now, extending the leg forward, drop the outer hip down, squeeze the standing leg
hip in toward center. Exhale, bend the standing
leg a little if you can and straighten. You don’t have to, you can stay up. If you can bend and straighten. Just strengthening those legs. Bend the knee a little, straighten it and now release it to the floor. Grounding down through the other leg. We’ll draw the right
knee in or the other leg, whichever leg you didn’t do, and drop the outer hip
down of the lifted leg as you pin the standing
leg hip in towards center. Now reach that leg forward. Keep your hips above your,
or shoulders above hips. Don’t lean back if you can manage. Keep dropping out or hip
down at the lifted leg. Now, bend the standing leg a little and then straighten as you exhale. If it bothers the knee, skip it. Bend and straighten. Bend the knee and straighten. And then release, come back
to the front of the mats, back to Tadasana. Inhale, sweep your arms up. Exhale, hinge from your hips
and fold over your legs. As you inhale, look up to lengthen. Exhale, step to plank pose. Chaturanga nice and slow,
hover here if you can. Make sure to take the
knees down if you need. Inhale to press into up dog or cobra. Exhale, lift back to downward facing dog. Look forward, come through and sit. So take your hands behind you
fingertips facing the front. We’re gonna take a
breath in as you exhale, we’ll lift into reverse table. Now we’re going to add
a little breath here, so take a big breath in and an exhale and now, exhaling through the nose. So inhale, exhale through the nose. Short little exhales, keep
going, use your belly muscles. Keep going just a little longer, then inhale, hold the breath. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Keep lifting and then chin into chest. Come down, rest, cross at the shins. Take a long breath here. Then inhale, bring chest
forward, look up, lengthen. Exhale, round your back chin to our chest. One more round, Agni Sara breath. Fingertips is forward. Press down into the heels, lift
up knees right above heels. Take a big breath in and a big exhale. And now, here we go. Take a breath in, exhale through the nose like you’re blowing out a candle. The inhales are passive
but do inhale, keep going. Keep that constriction in
the back of the throat. Keep lengthening, sitting bones towards the backs of the knees. Almost done, keep going. Inhale, hold the breath. Hold, hold, hold. Spin inner thighs down, keep
pressing into the heels. And slowly release, exhale. Good work, that is not easy. Extend the legs. Now bend right knee in for Janusirsasana. Extend the arms up, inhale. Turn toward the straight
leg, exhale, forward. Lengthen as you inhale. Keep to lengthen of the spine as you exhale to come forward. You can always use your
strap here as well. Breathe here, nice long
smooth inhales and exhales. So notice the upper back. I’m trying to not round it as best I can. I’m trying to keep the spine long. Head up, inhale. Now, left hand behind, right arm up and exhale, take it across and twist. As you inhale, sit nice and tall. As you exhale, twist
in a little bit deeper. Inhale, head to center. Exhale, release. Straighten out the right
leg and bend the left. Inhale, both arms reach. Exhale, turn toward the straight leg hinging from the hips to come forward. Lengthen as you inhale,
extend as you exhale. Keep pulling the right toes back to keep that leg nice and
active, and breathe here. Make sure you’re always breathing. Try and lengthen as much as you can. And if you can’t reach the
foot, it doesn’t matter. Use a strap, hold the leg. Inhale, head up. Exhale, release. Bring right hand behind your back, lift your left arm up on your inhale. Take across anywhere on that leg. Exhale and twist. So as you inhale, sit
nice and tall to lengthen. As you exhale, roll
your right shoulder back for a nice gentle twist. Head to center, inhale and release. And now, we’ll make
our way on to our back. Take your right ankle
just past your left knee for thread the needle. Hold the left shin or behind the thigh drawing the right hip forward. Flex that left ankle,
stretching the hip a little bit and then release it. Left ankle, just past right
knee, hold on to the right shin or behind the thigh. Keep that right hip moving forward gently. Breathing here, and releasing. Now slowly start to make your way into your final resting pose. Let your feet flip open,
arms by your sides, palms facing up. A quote by Robert Frost. He said, “How many
things would you attempt “if you knew you could not fail?” Close your eyes. Take a rest, I’ll be back in a moment. All right, where you are, start
to take some longer breaths. Start to move fingers and
toes and hands and feet. Stretch out through your arms and legs. And then bend your knees, roll
yourself off to your right. Take a moment to thank yourself for taking your practice today. Good work. Let your head come up last
as you come to seated. Sitting tall, bring hands together. Let’s bring the hands to the forehead to remind us to have
clear and loving thoughts. Hands to the heart’s center to remind us to have clear and loving intentions, and the hands to the mouth reminding us to have clear
and loving communication sending out positive energy
to all beings everywhere. Namaste, thank you so
much for joining me today. Yoga teacher training is the ultimate way to deepen your practice and this year, I have a new training program which allows you to study
both online and in person. Go to fightmasteryoga.com/ytt.

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