2 Valley organizations stretch out with bunny yoga

Today a morning Yoga class in Warren came with a little extra stress relief DogSmarts Unleashed hosted its first ever Bunny Yoga Class. The Yoga session was led by Gina Marie Chance of OM Studio in Hubbard The bunnies were courtesy of the local Rabbit Rescue group F- 5- R – S Rescue owner Sassy Pick-Ard says these bunnies release stress the moment you touch them [C11]20191005 BUNNY YOGA-SV “RABBITS ARE EXTREMELY CALMING. THEY BRING PEOPLE’S BLOOD PRESSURE DOWN. THEY’RE WONDERFUL, THEY’RE SOFT. IT JUST MAKES YOU FEEL REALLY REALLY GOOD. IT GIVES YOU THAT ZEN FEELING THAT WE’RE GOING FOR TODAY WITH THE BUNNY YOGA.” Each of these fuzzy rabbits is a trained therapy rabbit.

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