43 thoughts on “18 SELF-CARE IDEAS for 2019! | My Self-Care Routine

  1. 😂 frozen berries and chopping vegetables 🍓🍇🥦🥕you’re great lol

    Also love that you’re committed to work life balance, I don’t hear that a lot from the YouTube community.

  2. I definitely need to start walking more about my college because it's so pretty and I love listening to music too!

  3. Wow I ❤️ all things lemon. May have to try out that scrub! Sounds wonderful! Also love how you distinguished the difference in self care and indulgence at the beginning👏👍

  4. I enjoyed your video! There is this journal from Sarah knight. It's pretty much a self help type journal. It's really fun and relaxing. You should check out her books as well. 🙂

  5. This video was so positive that it made me feel so relaxed and nice so I'd say watching positive videos like this can be a form of self care for me. I also love to take hot showers in the morning on the weekends when I don't have to rush somewhere to do something because it just feels so soothing. It truly is the little things in life!

  6. love this video idea – would love to see like a mental self-care video as well !! love your content morgan 🖤

  7. I love that your Self Care Ideas included things OUTSIDE of the house.. Normally, when i think of Self Care, i instantly think of all At Home stuff.

  8. Oh my gosh. My grandma and I used to watch your channel together when you first started! After awhile we got caught up with life, but I’ve been thinking about your channel for like a month now. I finally found you again. You just glow and seem to really have a great head on your shoulders. 💖

  9. was anyone else inspired by Morgan to start and channel and want to support each other? I was thought that YT was only vain, empty content (that I loved but didn’t think could be a worthwhile hobby) but Morgan’s videos changed that!

  10. you are definitely the CHILLEST youtuber ive ever watched so when i saw you posted this I clicked on it so fast lol

  11. #1. Make your bed every morning.
    #2. Journal.
    #3. Have a skin care routine.
    #4. Go for a morning walk.
    #5. Be active. Find something you love
    #6. Buy fresh flowers
    #7. Put frozen fruit on your water
    #8. Make coffee at home.
    #9. Get out of the house.
    #10. Get your nails/hair done
    #11. Take the scenic roads.
    #12. Finish your work early so you can relax/have a cut off time.
    #13. Cook at home.
    #14. Have an unwind period. Light candles, read, take a bath, ect.
    #15. Go to bed early.
    #16. Make a to do list.
    #17. Put your phone down for an hour.
    #18. Unfollow people on social media who make you feel insecure

  12. Just picked up the lemon exfoliator slices after hearing about them in this video! I've been looking for a facial exfoliator that is easy to use because scrubs tend to get messy and I thought these were different and interesting.

  13. hi morgan! I'm from Sri Lanka and was wondering if you could give a link to buy that 5-minute journal because I'm interested in buying it!

  14. What positive podcast do you like? Looking for some to get into since I’m new to the whole podcast thing😂

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