16 Hours In A CrossFit Gym

(gate clanking open) – [Voiceover] Why do you
have to get here so early? – [Voiceover] Because we
want the gym to be bumping before everybody get here. – [Voiceover] So what do you have to do before people start showing up? – I’m about to put on music, most important part. Um, make sure the workout’s on the board. (Madi sighs) – [Voiceover] Is your arm tired? – It is. Don’t touch me. – I like the crowd at six in the morning. – [Voiceover] Why? – Why? – [Voiceover] Yeah. – [Rich] They’re just all
motivated individuals. – [Madi] What’s nice is that even though they might not have the
most energy in the morning they’re still all there for each other, and like, the sense of
camaraderie’s still there. – [Brian] I think it’s awesome because we have people
that tend to be consistent with the time that they come to class so you get to see them over time. – [Madi] And then from
seven until nine o’clock there’s nothing scheduled, so it’s usually just me by myself. – [Voiceover] What do you do? – I clean like a mad woman. The time feels like it
goes by so quickly here because I’m just like
enjoying every second. You know, there’s obviously
stuff that is maybe not as fun, but even when like, I’m cleaning the gym, it’s a space that I’m proud of and it’s a space that I love, so I don’t mind taking
care of it like that. It’s just, like, a necessary task to show people like, we care. – [Madi] People start arriving
at like 8:45 for class. And I greet them and tell
them that they’re beautiful and we just continue on with our day. So then we have open gym from 10 to noon and I have my break then, so I’ll train with our coach. (upbeat electronic music) – [Samantha] So I’m the head coach here at Vault Crossfit. I would say that we’re unique because we’re definitely
the friendliest box but we are also a very competitive box, which is a rare combination, I think. In crossfit usually it’s
one way or the other. – [Madi] We’ve had people
come and literally just bring their dog so we can
hang out with their dogs and not work out at all. I think people just
really enjoy being here especially when it’s like, we have a lot of really hard working people, so it’s a place that they
can come and hang out with like, adult friends,
that isn’t destructive to their lifestyle. – [Samantha] You know, we
look forward to coming in because it’s like, a change
to see not only our teammates, but our friends. (people clapping and
shouting encouragement) – [Madi] Then around 11:30
you come back up here, get people signed in for the noon class. – After that, if you are
up for the challenge, we’re gonna start doing a wading pool up– – My name is Chanida Sintuu and I’m the owner of Vault Crossfit. It’s been around for
three and a half years. People who don’t have regular day jobs, they usually come in around
the 9 am or the noon class. Noon there’s different
combinations of people that come in. Noon can be a big party as well. – [Jorge] Everyone’s always
here pushing each other, wanting to get to the next level. There’s always someone
here to work with you, plus all the coaches are
here to help you out. – [Leti] I love the camaraderie, I love the fact that
everybody gets to push you. – [Madi] And we have
open gym in the evening and then from there it’s
just like bam bam bam class class class class class. – [Chanida] Four pm-ers
that are kind of after work, but then the evening shifts
is five, six, and seven, where all the people
that come in after work and they just wanna get their workout in. The 6:15 and the 7:15 pm
classes rock pretty hard. – [Luke] Everyone who comes,
we kick butt as a group and we do the exercise and we’re bonding, and
we’re having a lot of fun. – [Chanida] I think this community has one of the biggest hearts
that I’ve ever experienced and I’ve been to a few boxes. – Why am I here? – [Voiceover] Again. – I taught spin class! – [Chanida] Obviously at Vault,
we specialize in crossfit but I think as much as
crossfit embodies a lot of different aspects of training, I think there are some
things that we don’t focus as much on, and I wanted
to bring that into Vault. Crossfit can be very high
impact, and so I wanted to add some low impact activities
like indoor cycling, and yoga and mobility. – [Madi] I’m gonna go home
and crash for a few hours and be back at 5:30 tomorrow. – [Voiceover] This is southern California, so you can find, I mean, I live in Studio City and there’s like five
different crossfit gyms that I could go to. And you stick with the
ones that make you feel the best about what you’re doing here and who welcome you when you come in and make you feel like oh, they care that I’m here today. Even if they don’t (laughs) you still feel like that. – [Chanida] As a business owner, I’ve gone through a lot of change in just the few years that we’ve opened, but I feel in my heart that now we have the right combination of people to make this place flourish. – [Voiceover] That’s awesome.

100 thoughts on “16 Hours In A CrossFit Gym

  1. Haters! I've been going to a crossfit box for about a year. Yesterday my neighbor lady needed a lawn mower lifted into her trunk. I remembered my training, and kipped it up into the trunk.

  2. Most people who slag off CrossFit are probably just saying it because they hear other people say it and think it’s cool. Don’t say that they are doing pull-ups and other things wrong because that is the definition of a pull-up in CrossFit.
    Not a rant, just a person wanting to settle these arguments 😂

  3. This reminds me of the CF box I go to in the way it’s super friendly and supportive. I am a 5:30am girl but when I show up to the later classes it’s so cool because every man and his actual dog is there – so good! 🙂

  4. 3:58 wtf even is that? The thing about crossfit is that you get different exercises and stuff, I do calisthenics because I want to achieve full muscle control and a shredded body, but I also work on deadlifts and squats because I need a good leg workout in. But that is just a waste of energy aiming for complete nothing.

  5. My therapist and surgeon loves Cross fit. They make a fortune off these morons. It's training for the look at me generation. Like if you can't perform any of those lifts in a regular gym. Nice bumper plates. 😂🤣

  6. They call the gym a 'box'? And they call their customers 'athletes'? I mean, they can't all be athletes can they?

  7. I know this is supper late, but as a crossfitter those are the worst SDLHP ive ever seen. that not even in the SDL are your coaches L1s. or do they not care about the athletes.

  8. There was one guy who did 2 real pull-ups, I believe they smoked him as soon as they found out about a proper exercise being manifested/performed in their "box" (?) …

  9. 16 hours of dogshit form exercises that either do nothing for you or hurt you more than help you and people that have to be juicing because the only way to gain muscle with such bad form is steroids

  10. 12,185 boxes x 3.000$ box per year = 36,6 Million $ in Februrary 2016 only to allow the boxes to exhibit the brand logo.

  11. I really don't understand the close grip upright row they keep doing in this video – or is that a close grip high pull?
    Just why – it's internal shoulder rotation and what benefit? The snatch grip or just normal width grip high pull is so much better.
    And that girl's high momentum ring muscle up made my shoulder hurt just watching. OUCH!!

  12. Don't call someone an athlete and then directly afterwards show them doing kipping pull ups, they're not an athlete they're an embarrassment…

  13. Congrats you woke up at 5 am to watch people do kip pullups just to make them feel like theyre doing something rather than actually getting gains.

  14. Crossfit – The "Sport" of cheating reps
    Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero
    "The weights aren't heavy, there not even Fucking Heavy"
    Rich Piana

  15. I like how the head coach is so proud that people come in with dogs while they are training and they have dogs running around there while they're training with barbells etc. What could go wrong?

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