1477  Why Self Care Is So Important | Self Care Tips To Change Your Life | DIY Self Care Technique

is the the mere act of doing something for yourself is the healing process most people who have a problem post people who are depressed most people who don’t like themselves they’re not doing self-care they’re not intentionally doing something for themselves I remember I remember for me personally I was going through some really tough times in my life when that’s what then from 2015 on not only with people were attacking me the only relationship issues and I knew that if I set around and thought about it it would actually worsen so one of the things I did is I first of all like sessions I tapped on it and I actually started to do something physically I started walking I started doing things that will help people who are depressed they do depressing things they say the best medicine for depression is go and work out find a hobby find something that makes you feel good relationships relationships start going bad because one they stop having sex two they stop talking to each other three they don’t touch each other for they don’t have communication and then they start separating and then of course they’re holding onto the angers and the events and then it starts destroying the relationship so relationships who stay together are the ones who play together they have sex together they hold hands together they talk they share and they do things together a relationship that falls apart are the ones that they start moving away from each other they start holding on and what happened and the events and they create bad neurological information and that they keep repeating the neurological information the further you’re gonna get and next thing you know it’s done it’s over they move on this is every relationship whether it’s a work relationship your parent relationship your son relationship your partner relationship and the weird thing is some people have a tendency to keep replaying the hook go back over and over again and they never out learn it because they’re still pointing the finger at someone else you make me feel bad but they’re doing it again and again to themselves so I wanted to to to share something about the mirror self-care so I mean I’m a pretty I’m a doer I do stuff I’m willing to do stuff and willing to apply stuff I see something I want to do it but when Carla got sick last year I got sick in november/december and then we started the level 1 IRA can remember the the I mean I was just like I wasn’t in but I was like yeah yeah yeah tapping yeah whatever you know I’m gonna go to the gym I’m gonna work out the mirror of self care I actually started tapping on myself without even a video and so I share that because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing I was hitting myself in the head I thought I was just you know I mean I really did and so but as I did that like one day I did it for like an hour mmm and boy I slept really good that night and I was wondering what it was so I say that because I think sometimes we do we have the inability just to actually act on something we just act on something really really tiny and and become aware of it that’s what I’ve learned it becomes healthier and if I had done that with her going through surgery and all the stuff I don’t even know if we’d still be together I know yeah yeah I’m just real with you I was like holy cow another one another mountain to climb over another Hill to jump up I’m like now and do this yeah so anyway I share that you know yeah I just want to say I thought it was funny cuz we we had I had been to the seminar so I knew a little more than he did and he started watching level one and he just started tapping on himself and I was kind of laughing to myself thinking he does not know how to do this right so I’m like the aiming is the most important part and he’s going around all day just for hours in the car but it worked anyway yeah and by the way it’s this actually you you could honestly say this tapping brought you closer together yeah oh it’s definitely yeah it’s helped our relationship a lot yeah yeah yeah yeah with your relationship too oh you know her you

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