11 Knee rehab exercises for fix knee pain, strengthening after knee injury. Knee workout – Part 1

Hello everybody. I want to show you some exercises to start
strengthening the knee. Control your resistance with band tension,
keep you heels closer to the floor, slow it down. Slow it down, keep your feet flat. In case of poor ankle’s mobility place a small podium under the heels. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, straighten your back, do not bend over. Straighten your knee, slow it down. Feet are close to be on one line, upright
torso, body weight in the middle between legs. Lean with your back against the wall and
your feet about two feet away, your feet are flat on the floor and about shoulder width
apart, knees flexion 90 degrees. Your feet are shoulder width apart, keep
your feet flat or lift your toes. Keep your feet flat. Keep your pelvic, knees and shoulder on one
line. Slow down, don’t use to much tight band
to keep you pelvic on a ground. Try to keep the thigh of the active leg
in vertical position, slow it down. Start from 12 o’clock and go one way round. Make about 7 points. There are more difficult exercises ahead. Subscribe if you are interested.

82 thoughts on “11 Knee rehab exercises for fix knee pain, strengthening after knee injury. Knee workout – Part 1

  1. покажите упражнения на задней поверхности бедра, заранее спасибо:)

  2. Hey man thanks for these great tips. I'm not really an athlete but these can still be very helpful as I'm getting on a bit now cheers! +1

  3. Было бы очень круто если бы видео были подольше)))
    It would be very cool if the video was longer)))

  4. Excellent video on something so pivotal and crucial to an athletes life for anyone runner, long or high jumper thanks!

  5. Hi there! Great video guys! Very helpful to know about this stuff even if you're not an athlete and don't already have jumpers knee thanks a lot and have many happy days on your feet!

  6. What's up man thanks for the knee workouts man @Bogdan I do a lot of running and this comes in handy to know thx.

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  8. Awesome video man these are great exercises to learn and do every day even if you're not an athlete. I think anyway right?

  9. Thanks man nice video very informative and insightful and great for old guys like me getting on a bit cheers!

  10. I am just recovering from a severe tibial plateau fracture and, after 3 months, may bear weight. This looks like a good set of exercises to gently work towards. Thanks for posting! 🙂

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  12. Man, you should make a tutorial to workout the VMO. A lot of people has diseases related with. Congrats for your work!

  13. How many times a week would you recommend doing physical therapy with bands for someone dealing with knee pain. Should I still workout using weights?

  14. Dear Sir, two months ago I hyperextended my knee. Dr. Just now tells me( am over 60) to do some of these type of exercises. These look Great!!! Thanks.

  15. Hello sir i have maniscus tear on last week during the tournament match
    Could i recover without surgery
    Without eating non veg
    If yes then how much time taken my left knee to recover for the natural game movements
    I have acl surgery 3 year before of same knee
    Swelling out in three or four day
    Movement is normal no pain feel in knee

  16. Fabulous exercises. Exactly what i used to do post-op in Pt session. Wish I had kept it up so I wouldn’t have to get another operation. I appreciate that there isn’t a lot of talking taking up time. THANK YOU!

  17. Lakers i have a groin injury ( tinyurl.com/y39oem54 ) but what hurts the most is when i but a ball between my knees and then squeeze it any tips on how i can recover?

  18. I've struggled with my left knee for about 6 years now (i'm 24). The pain is just below the left knee cap and some pain down the shins. It feels like I have one and an half knee.I used to skate a lot and I was pretty active in sports. The last 3-4 years I've been talking it more easy and I don't skate much, but the pain always comes back when I put a little bit more pressure on my knee (like running, playing soccer, skating). I've talked to a doc/ physio and they say It's possible to fix it by exercising. I've tried to exercise but I didn't see much progress and I kinda want to be sure what the problem is before I spend months exercising. Anyone familiar with this?

  19. А что это за резинки для занятий? Красная для приседаний ещё понятно. А вот жёлтая – где её брать и на какую нагрузку она?

  20. How do squats fix bad knees? I’m curious cause I can barely do a squat without feeling like my knees are going to snap

  21. If anyone sees this in next few days… i sm 7 days post TKR. i am still not unable to life that oeg off the floor without holding ny calf. Has anyine dealth with this? I have sdie effects nobody will give an answer that is the same as another- i have a large rash/burn behind that leg on thigh with blisters some smallish somd as large as golf balls on lower leg. Any thoughts? Any tips if so on which exercise is best?

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  23. Exercise 1: 0:12 (One leg press with resistance band)
    Exercise 2: 0:39 (Squats)
    Exercise 3: 1:00 (Squats with band around knees)
    Exercise 4: 1:22 (Side leg raises with resistance band)
    Exercise 5: 1:43 (Split squats)
    Exercise 6: 2:13 (Static wall squat)
    Exercise 7: 2:34 (Pelvic tilt)
    Exercise 8: 3:02 (Single leg pelvic tilt)
    Exercise 9: 3:24 (Leg curl with resistance bands)
    Exercise 10: 3:44 (Leg extension with resistance band)
    Exercise 11: 4:02 (Clock reaches)

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