92 thoughts on “10 Minute Yoga (You have time to LOVE ❤️ yourself!)

  1. Very nice to see the bridge again. Tim Senesi did here most of his iconic flows in the past. It feels like "home" to me. Lesley, you and Tim are my absolute Flow favourites. This short workout is also very nice. Please keep up the good work you two. With love from Holland

  2. Amazing practice Lesley, always creative, that’s why I always tune in. I just find your practice most useful for what I need to do!

  3. Quickie…. nature sometime surprises me …. I logged in to look for something similar to water flow that I did over Sunday and here’s your practice with some similar poses…. loved it. Exactly what I needed ❤️ Thanks Leslie

  4. Quickie 😊 And hey, that’s a familiar location! Lovely practice and I liked the pigeon variation 💖🙏🏻

  5. I always MAKE time for yoga, even that means that I have to get up at 3am…love this short and fun one!

  6. So quicky yet so wholesome. I didn't expect 10 minutes will make such a difference! Yet, much more energetic and focused after that. Thank you!

  7. I love the work outs, thank you so much for them. The fact they have different lengths and are very effective is fantastic. It is a bit more difficult to understand the positions when you are wearing all black though.

  8. Quicky…which was all I had time for today but quick did the trick! Loved the wild thing pose! Great name lol.

  9. Great wee quickie ! The pigeon pose with twist was a bit difficult for me …but that’s just me, I just did what I could 😝

  10. Quickie! I know I've said it many times before, but I LOVE these 15min and under yoga quickie classes. They are the perfect yoga fix in the middle of a busy day. Thank you!!!

  11. Quickie. I 've been following you several years now. Today I realized that as soon as I hit play on your videos, I start to feel relaxed and peaceful before the yoga even starts…it's because of your warmth, smile and gentleness.

  12. This quickie was perfection! Thank you! Especially loved: fallen triangle & that twisting pigeon pose: sublime! Never tried that before!

  13. I''m running really late this morning, but I'm so glad I took time for this QUICKIE! I needed it, and I loved that it was a super strong, super short practice. Just enough to get me going for the day! Thank you!

  14. Thanks Leslie this was great!! I'd done an ab workout this morning but a morning isn't complete without at least a bit of yoga so wanted something short, strengthening & stretching – this sorted me out! Sending you all the light and love ✨💗

  15. Loved this quick routine! Can’t believe I missed it until now. Definitely going on my Favorites list, where I believe I will use it most often as an add on class💜

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