👑 5 Super Sweet Tips – Talking Tom Candy Run Gameplay

Police cars in action, the Fire brigade on
alert, even the crazy giant scientist is at work and yet that son of a gumball Robber
Raccoon is still on the run! Now it’s time to reveal some master tips
for Talking Tom Candy run. Be sure to stick to the candy trail. It will always be your safest path through
the level. Nobody wants to crash, or get smashed by a
street lamp, RIGHT? But SOMETIMES it’s worth taking a risk to
reach the valuable rewards positioned just off the trail too. Gotcha! But be careful, a badly timed jump can end
in serious pain! Once you gather enough points, you can unlock
an exciting new world. There’s no place where the robber can hide! Follow him through the Theme parks… on the
roller coaster. Sweet peanuts, is this a dinosaur? Now he’s trying to hide in the Egyptian
Tomb. They even spotted him in an Ice cave! You already know about the importance of upgrades,
but it’s essential to upgrade all the characters, not just the runner you choose first. You never know who will come in as a replacement. Hey Hank, let’s see how long you can surf
for! Here’s another fun thing to do. Every day you’ll get three missions to complete,
and after yo do, you;ll get some super sweet rewards Ka-ching! Bingo! Hoho, buddy! It’s always fun with Talking Tom Candy Run. Download Now and Play. Subscribe to Talking Tom’s Youtube channel
and find out all you ever wanted to know about these great games!

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  1. Tom Adziela ma kamery w oczach i zabija dzieci uważaj na serio nie kłamię historia jest o niej uważaj prosze!!!!!!!!

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