커플 브이로그 “우리의 첫 운동 데이트”/daily VLOG “First Exercise Date with Girlfriend, Korean couple!”

Today I came to an high school to do some lectures It feels weird to come back to my old school in a long time I tried eating the school meal as soon as I came
School meal mukbang Thinking of the pov of student time where it was very narrow if my story can widen their view even if a little bit I would be glad and that’s the mindset that I had when I was doing the lecture I am heading to the cafe with Seungjin who made a great opportunity of today IT’s Echo Box, placed in Icheon GH: Wow it’s so big” Gh: It’s “Hip.Hop.”? SeungJin: Yes but their theme changes everytime It’s a cafe inside of Simons Terrace so it has a lot of exhibition related to it I looked around more, ordered coffee and then went to look around more Simons history museum and exhibitions at the 2nd floor Seungjin making a day like this for his students make him a true teacher I think I would have been lucky if I have met someone like him when I was young I got to meet him through exercise Through exercise, I got to meet many people around the different areas, it really does give me a lot of motivations The next day morning I am heading to see the dermatologist with my girl friend whenever I come to Seoul While riding the taxi, we had a minor collision so I was worried about her I saw it and got my guards up but she wasn’t aware because she was looking at her phone I should be thankful that it didn’t get any worse than this I really feel like I need to do some skin care starting now on. So I get elasticity and exture care Calm white noise and the calm atmosphere makes me sleepy already I got like 5 eyelids thanks to the mask on my face Definitely, the more I get my skin cared, the more I know why people get their skin cared. Smooth~ It’s a good thing that I listened to my gf’s advice The dermatologist clinic is at Cheongdam so we decided to do some tour on delicious restaurants when we come “Daebak” that’s famous for basil soba and futomaki I guess waiting is inevitable I thought really hard just to end up
with basic 2-people-set-menu I like the look of the food “Looks good” Failed the first trial Eat the tail part first I can eat the whole thing at once (Beep~) The place is good in overall The basil soba that I am eating right now is especially good I went to the cafe with my gf and her friends We came to cafe placed in Seongsoo You can already feel the end of the year and Christamas coming It’s my first time coming here and entire wall at the one side is a screen. So it was cool My gf thought it was cool so she’s keep on taking VLOG There are many cool things in the cafe I have met people around me and my gf often But it was my first time to see her friends I realized that my gf has been putting a lot of effort for me I had to go to gropu exercise so I got up first and I was feeling sorry that I couldn’t stay longer Before I go to the exercise, I came to eat meal with Jeongwon I love monkeys and this is a monkey that can cook
So I came immediately I ate kimchi stir fry rice and talked about my life with him I couldn’t film myself doing the group exercise After the exercise, we had chicken and beer, and then went for 2nd bar When I see you guys being satisfied and wanting to do it again every time when I do this, it really gives me energy and motivation The next day afternoon, I woke up late so the Lotte World plan is gone I came outside to get my stomach feel better first We came to a famous sushi restaurant (My gf taking a VLOG for her self thoroughly) I love this place’s sushi because they are big I gave salmon to my gf because it’s her favorite I love the soy sauce shrimp sushi I usually play KartRider with my gf usually But we saw the archery so we played a round I have done it once a long time ago and it was my gf’s first time. So we got the education first We did it after the education but it was still difficult The position is free and did it like firing a gun.
I felt good when I got 50 points total out of 6 shots I actually lost to my gf at the range and this made me feel good My gf is dancing as she’s pulling out the arrows so I took a video secretly lol She’s doing that “Shall I throw it or not”
The dance that’s popular in these days Date like this is fun.
You guys should try it too SY: Did you see? GH: I think you did well for the first time After the archery, our stomach was digested so we went to eat some dessert It’s a bingsu restaurant that we love so we eat the new menu immediately whenever it’s released I am playing with her as I am copying her face expression because she got a lot of face expressions SY: Stop copying me Half strawberry and half matcha bingsu There are a lot of icecream lovers in winter
but we are bingsu lover in winter The matcha is so good The kitties that are next to use when we came out Just by looking at these heals me Today is my day when I do live exercise
So I visited the cafe before I stream My gf has found me a nice pretty cafe near by the fitness center that I go to often We ordered hot chocolate and a milktea I tried to fill it up delicately but ended up doing it manly We do each other’s work The girlfriend making noise alone I felt good because we found a cafe that’s like our hideout I am rushing to the fitness center because it’s almost time for the live exercise After the live exercise has ended, I have promised to teach my gf the exercise She’s a busy worker so I tried to feed her good food always She will go to Hawaii with me on March and her waist was getting bad so she asked me for some diet lesson First of all, I taught her the hip exercise which a lot of women prefer Today’s exercise that I will teach her are three
“Suqat, one leg lunge, and climbing stairs” I always say this but the basic is all you need for it and the basic has the most efficient movement and that’s why it’s the basic If I give her a lesson, I would give her more simple and basic focused exercise only I will exclude things that are difficult or only for interest Looking for various exercise when you don’t even have basics cannot help but to be inefficient She must not be in a good shape because there are a lot of things going on and I am proud that she’s catching up with me this good All the 3 movements that I am teaching her increase the hip muscle as the waist gets folded and then it contracts again and the range of motion is really big We finished with walking which is an aerobic exercise I made her really little because it’s her first tie working out I am worried what would happen if she gets on to it serious from now on But she did her best so I took a video to encourage her haha After then, we went to watch a movie and ended our Seoul date well

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  1. 와~~~건대오셨었네 아쉬워요 실물영접기회를 놓치다니..
    오늘도 잘보고갑니다

  2. 년말이라 저녁마다 어쩔수없이 고칼로리 음식인데..ㅜㅜ
    다욧은 내년으로 미룰래요.ㅠ
    예쁜 커플~ 넘 보기 좋아요~^^

  3. Wow..you two are so adorable. Your a good teacher BTW. I hope you and your GF have a wonderful week. Oh and Merry Christmas to you both.😊

  4. This reminds what my husband and me doing recently, dating in weekend ❤️. Even we already have two cute children, but sometimes we need a little time to dating . Go to movies ,resto , and workout together .my husband help me with cycling, and i help him 'bout swimming. But then he refuse, because he shy.😅

  5. 두분 보기 좋으네요~ 영상보면서 연애시절이 떠올랐어요 ㅋㅋ 앞으로도 이쁜 사랑 오래오래 하시면서 행복하시길요🙌🏻

  6. 같이 운동하면 운동효과 더 좋을거 같아요 ㅎㅎㅎ 더 운동 재밌겠죠 ㅎㅎㅎ
    저는 혼자 하려니 심심해요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  7. 양궁 안해봤는데 한번 해보러가면 재밌을거같아요!!ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 남자친구가 저렇게 자상하게 가르쳐 주는 운동이라니😆😁 넘나 심쿵이네요…ㅎㅎㅎ

  8. 길환님 너무잘생기시고 다정하셔서 여자친구분 부럽다아ㅠㅠ이러고있었는데 여자친구분도 너무이쁘시잖아요ㅠㅠ 두분결혼해서 애기낳으면 산부인과쌤 미모에 눈머시겠다

  9. Gil Hwan, it's so nice to look at your wonderful relationship with your girlfriend! You are both so calm and affectionate! I wish you with a girl strong love and always be happy! 😊✨💖

  10. I love how you complete each other ! Your girlfriend is here for you like you are here for her… It’s what a healthy relationship is ! ❤️ And when I see you and your girlfriend work out, it makes me wanna work out too ! Thank u !

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