⭐EZPZ Mini Mat  SHARK TANK PRODUCT 🍀 One Piece Silicone  Happy Mat Placemat & Plate 👈

all right we just had this come in the
mail it’s the EZPZ mini mat placemat and plate in one
we’re gonna take it out of the package yeah we tried this on shark tank and
decided to check out the website and order it so that’s supposed to be so
that a child can’t get it out oh wow you’re really trying to move it yeah it
will not come up okay so then the only way you get it is you have to go around
the edge just like you’re you know pulling off a sticker or something but
this is not so that’s – I can lift up the whole table with it to help prevent
food on the floor scooting all over the place and we’ve had cups and plates both
with suction cups but they tend not to work that well yeah they don’t have a
very strong suction this is very very strong and then with the the ones some
of the ones with the suction cup the surface has to be really clean sometimes
they do one has to be wet and yes and that’s not the case with this it just
sticks right on okay so we’ve been using the Mac now for
a couple of weeks the easy peasy mini man
yes meaning now I hadn’t realized I know it’s called mini Matt but somehow I just
didn’t dawn on me that this was not the full-size plate daddy so it holds snacks
essentially you could not get a meal there caius here likes peanut butter
sandwiches even sometimes for snacks but you couldn’t even fit half of a sandwich
in there so you know nuts raisins carrots a few things like that is about
all it will fit there and it also closes and drink well no actually that was that
was separate but I’m glad you pointed that out it’s me Matt hat you like the
Matt yes it also comes listen drink okay well we got the drink do water bottle
separately but that’s good so I’m not using it as much as I thought I would
because of small size again only good for snacks but I’m thinking about
getting the the happy Matt the full size happy Matt as far as the functionality I
mean it’s very easy to use it’s very difficult if not impossible for a child
to pull it up off of the table and with the rambunctious four-year-old that is
very important okay guy asks where’d you get the pen kaya put the pen down so
this is great hey so don’t assume um fighting with the horsies okay well
maybe you should finish your snack to summarize I think the easy peasy mini
minute was a good purchase I do find that the Matt
both this and the happy mat or a little pricey fact I guess that’s why I
purchased the mini mat whoa so you can see with it a childís active
having a plate and mat combined so what’s the cute design with a happy face
you think that’s a cute design it’s I think it’s the cutest design ever so
this helps it helps with a mess but it’s really just an eliminated so that’s a
quick look at the EZPZ mini mat yes mini mat thanks for watching thanks
for watching

6 thoughts on “⭐EZPZ Mini Mat SHARK TANK PRODUCT 🍀 One Piece Silicone Happy Mat Placemat & Plate 👈

  1. I wood never buy this becuase the owner is a joke. Went on shark tank she thinks she going to hit 20million next year mr wonder full gave 1milliom for 5% of she did not 10mill half of what she thought she was gunna make he wood get 10% she goes no. So she turn down the offer she wanted
    . So business owner being a liar is something I wood not want to be a part of

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